Waterford or Lenox Anyone??

Hope everyone has recovered from budgeting 101, yesterday.

Today, we enter the fine world of crystal and china. You know the stuff that your girlfriend puts on her bridal registry, gets it, but serves you on paper plates.

Anyway, one day I was scouring around the Internet to price some crystal flutes. I came across a great, great deal!

In the world of crystal and china- Bacarat- the most famous and expensive, waterford.com, and lenox.com The price points can run from 5,000.00 to a basic Bacarat vase to 150.00 for a leaded crystal flute from waterford.com.

In terms of china, my sister's lenox.com full service china set that I have yet to eat off, which was 10 plus years ago, cost about a month's rent.

Anyway, back to the deal-- I was on the waterford.com site which was absolutely breathtaking, then I noticed the discontinued section, click, click-- 4 waterford.com flutes for only $35.00. What?? I then asked someone else to read the price and description, just in case, I was doing a double. Sure enough, beautiful waterford.com crystal flutes for under $100.00 an four at that!

So, want to impress your significant others parents, then go to the sale/discontinued items page of either lenox.com or waterford.com and save your money!

It's also great items to have for bridal showers, weddings, housewarming, and of course, your own dynamic party.

Cling, Cling!


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