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Waterford or Lenox Anyone??

Hope everyone has recovered from budgeting 101, yesterday.

Today, we enter the fine world of crystal and china. You know the stuff that your girlfriend puts on her bridal registry, gets it, but serves you on paper plates.

Anyway, one day I was scouring around the Internet to price some crystal flutes. I came across a great, great deal!

In the world of crystal and china- Bacarat- the most famous and expensive,, and The price points can run from 5,000.00 to a basic Bacarat vase to 150.00 for a leaded crystal flute from

In terms of china, my sister's full service china set that I have yet to eat off, which was 10 plus years ago, cost about a month's rent.

Anyway, back to the deal-- I was on the site which was absolutely breathtaking, then I noticed the discontinued section, click, click-- 4 flutes for only $35.00. What?? I then asked someone else to read the price and description, just in case, I was doi…

Reality Check: Why Budgets are Essential

From time to time, I'll give a REALITY CHECK!

Of course shopping is fun and getting GREAT deals on things are even better, but we do have be wise about our spending no matter the income level.

So, today it's all about budgeting.

Think of budgeting as a diet for your money, too much spending not good, too little spending not good either because we need the essentials to live on, toothpaste, clothing, food, etc.

Let's talk groceries for a minute... Before I go food shopping, I take inventory of what I already have, this avoids duplication, hence excess money being spent.

Then, I make a strict list of things that I need and a strict monetary budget for those items. For example, I don't eat red meat and chicken, but I am not going to spend $350.00 for Hawaiian Tuna. I always buy fruits and veggies that are fresh and are in season-- local Farmers Markets are excellent for these items.

Items such as egg whites, almond milk, whole wheat bread, Chobani Greek Yogurt, and agave …

Maximizing Outlet Trips...

With all the competition for your money, you must wonder about outlets, flash sale sites, big box stores, etc.

Today, we will focus on Outlets in NY the two major are Woodberry Commons and Tanger Outlets.

I'll give my take on Woodberry Commons  because of the country like feel also, they have all major designers from Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Williams Sonoma, to GAP, Godiva--yes Godiva, Gucci, Ann Taylor, Lladro, Lane Bryant, you get the picture.

The key to maximizing your outlet trip is to go during a major holiday weekend, go early, wear comfortable shoes, bring a snack, and plan out what stores you want to go to in advance.

Trips to Woodberry Commons from Manhattan round trip from Port Authority cost $44.00 on major sale days, you can get on an early bus from 5:30 am it is a 90 min. trip. Trust me it is worth the cost, because you can spend up to an hour looking for parking and closer to closing it will take you an hour, to get out of the parking lot.

OK, so why major holiday weekend…

Spotlight: Crate and Barrel for your Entertaining Needs

OK, So I hope you had a blast this summer?

I did and I thank my trusted store Crate and Barrel for all my entertaining needs.

I bought 95% of all my party supplies from Crate and Barrel for under $150.00.

You may think that sounds expensive, but when you cost in the amount of paper goods, it actually costs slightly more than getting actual plates, glasses, cloth napkins, and napkin rings.

So, if you have a hectic schedule, but your significant other wants to celebrate -- fall months equally the major holidays are coming up! My go to site is crateandbarrel their outlet site, it takes a minute to figure out the page, but you will get there.

I bought a dozen water glasses for 22.95, those are some of the glasses, those "serving trays" are actually, chargers--heavy weight silver tone chargers, those I got at a steal for 6 for 24.99, I love cloth napkins because after guests leave you take them to the cleaners and reuse them again, also I tried a new thing called an appetizer part…

Welcome to Positvexpert

Welcome to PositivExpert,

This a forum for all things positive and all things possible, especially when it comes down to saving your money!

Let's face it we all want to able to travel on private planes and go to lavish parties and spend money like we are drinking water. However, that is not the reality for most of us and it is not the reality even for the very rich.

Yeah, you read correct, having been an event planner and worked on Wall Street for many of years, I can tell you even then most of the very wealthy wasn't living  the"in your face wealthy lifestyles." In fact most people you wouldn't recognize them if I pointed them out to you.

This forum is for anyone who wants to learn how to budget, how to plan than fab party for under $150.00, how to save as much as possible, and still live a great and satisfying life.

For entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders, we have great ways in which you can get donations for your business or cause, while still maintaining th…