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Foodie Friday: Luxury Cocoa with Smores

You are sitting around the campfire late at night the wind is blowing, plus it is already chilly.This recipe for campfire or fire pit will have all your guests raving.1. Pure Cocoa we bought ours at Le Maison du Chocolat.2. Take your choice of organic milk almond, cashew, etc.3. Use cane sugar, vanilla bean, bay leaf,
cinnamon bark and cloves.In a pot boil all of the ingredients together on a slow boil for 2 hours.Serve with a strainer hot to your guests.This is an old South American recipe that would certainly please all of your guests especially around a campfire.Cheers to delicious campfire cocoa!

Beauty Spot Splurge Edition

This edition of the Beauty Spot is not how well you can save money, but it is about the best natural products on the market.Store: RAIN in Rockefeller Center,NYCThis store is 100 percent organic with free trade agreements from all over Africa and South America.Bath Fizz
The one I chose is Rose Petal and lavender infused so drop that into your bath and let the week's worries drain out of your system.Baobab and Olive Oil Soap
This soap is Olive Oil and charcoal based but is infused with rosemary and eucalyptus for healing properties.Vanilla Essential Oils
When you infuse this with Sweet Orange oil in coconut oil and use as a moisturerizer don't be surprised if your boyfriend or husband begins to notice you a lot more.Cape Malva Essential Oil
Again you can infuse this with pure organic Olive Oil and you mood will balance out especially due to PMS depression will be lifted. This is how powerful the oil is, but is the most expensive oil.Total price for everything was over 50.00. Bu…

Summer Home Entertainment Tips

Summer time is when everyone comes to visit especially if you live near a big city.Here are ways to cut costs:1. Stock up on laundry detergent, ran into Target and there was this sale on a new brand, plus two dollar off coupon, plus a 5.00 off Target gift card.2. Toilet paper stock up on the economy size plus paper towels.3. Clorox wipes as you see your guest leave things just wipe up behind them it takes the load off after they leave.Especially the bathrooms.4. Have Liquid Plumber Pro on hand for showers as well.5. Food- Prepare one meal you love to do then, make it clear to your guests that the rest of the meals are on their own. Take them out to dinner one night.6. Have a hospitality basket in their rooms, with all the things you would find in a beauty box for men and women.7. Don't put out anything that you would regret later on hence remove your La Mer face cream and your SK II facial masks. Also, put away all valueables and breakable items.8. Unless your guests specifically …

Father's Day Gift Guide: French Style

It's the last minute and you need a gift for your Father, but he has everything, so what do you do?Give him a bit of France and here is our gift guide thanks to
and your dad is a traveler for business or pleasure, then it is:
Jean Rousseau- This company specializes in traditional leather craftsmanship from bags, smartphone and tablet cases.This slipper will be the ultimate rage because of it's uniqueness, which is an amazing blend of felt and suede lined with fleece it comes in all colors from bright blue to navy to black. The company is Manufacture Degorce.If had wears glasses then Emmanuelle Kirsch glasses cases in rare leather and animal inspired embellishments makes him stand out in a crowd.Monsieur Brunold is a gentleman's clothier and made to measure atelier creating suits, jackets, shirts, and topcoats.Every dad needs socks and what better than La Chaussette Francaise which is a family owned company that continues its tradi…

Thanks for NoT Completing ME

Everyone says that old Jerry McGuire Film messed a lot of people men and women.By this one sentence You Complete Me.I never gave it much thought, until recently when a person I know put all her time and energy into a marriage and children and career.Those were the world's and orbits and any chance for another to come into her life it was all about those three orbits.So much so that people were turned off by this person because she talked about the orbits or in psychology she was enmeshed.As time went on children left, marriage came to and end and career took it's course.I know this could be any story line on any Real Housewives Franchise, which is really where I got this.Anyway, the real question remains who are you without any of the titles or trappings of "success."The real answer or challenge is your character strong enough to withstand anything, can you listen to people with out one upping them or cutting them off mid sentence?Are you professional so even if indu…

Work vs. Therapy

Recently, I was on a job interview or recruitment session and when people were asked "Why they would want to come to work in the morning?"The answers that I heard was so awkward for a moment, I thought I was in group therapy.I mean one person answered "I need things that would keep me busy, etc."Until I remembered Sheryl Samberg's book Lean In when she pointed out that the main reason women don't get promoted is because they want their bosses to be there therapist.At first I thought that was snarky, until I went to the recruitment event and no one said anything about how they can contribute to mission of the organization.In a day of cause based marketing, social entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and tons of books and shows. We should be aware that when you go on a job interview it is what skills and talents are you bringing to the table to help the organization.Cheers to Leaning In!

Subscription Boxes vs. Stores

I have always spent a lot of money on beauty items, my first paycheck at 16 was getting false nails.When ever I got extra money I was in either a department store or a drug store buying beauty items.Until, Subscription boxes came out and it saved me show much money, until UPS and postal service got angry at our boxes.So back to drugstores and department stores, until recently I calculated how much I spend on beauty products!And, how time I would go to beauty events for the swag where I could be doing a lot more with my time.But, the positive side is the beauty Subscription market has greatly improved, most of the companies that didn't understand beauty or business folded. Leaving now only the true mature companies that can withstand high volume and great customer service, but giving their audience the best in beauty products.So for 15.00 a month I have reconnected to my monthly swag, only going to events that I truly enjoy.Also, my bank account has seen a positive cash flow.Cheers…

Three Day Rule& Glamour Night of Beauty

It's June and you are watching your best friends show up at events with their significant others.Are you that woman who keeps on getting invites for a plus one and shows up alone.Well, the dating firm the Three Day Rule has partnered with Glamour Magazine to provide you on Thursday, June 16, 2016 with an awesome Night of Beauty.After you get your touch up hair, nails, but your self a piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott, head down stairs to the bar.There will be the most interesting and eligible bachelors in New York City. So if you are tired of Tinder and your friends have tried to set you up with all their friends, it is worth a try.The event will take place Thursday, June 16, 2016 at the Hudson Terrace from 6:00pm, please register at
https://www.eventbrite/nightofbeauty.comAll of our readers will get 50 percent off General Admission tickets with code POSITIVEVIP.It's never too late for love!Cheers!!