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The Beauty Spot: Spring Edition

One of our favorite things is Beauty!
We tried some of the best products on the market and this is what we found:
1. Belif Moisture Under Eye Cream:
This is a great cream since I had to wake up early one week, it was amazing you can get this product at Sephora for $55.00

Shampoo there is an awesome product called Virtue it is 100% paraben free and has no dyes whatsoever.
The shampoo and conditioner would set you back 150.00 dollars. But again it is well worth it.
There are times when you are so anxious the normal deodorant just won't do, especially when you are preparing for a big interview. Secret has a clinical strength product that will cut body ordor, which is so important.
It comes in various scents and in a clear gel it will run you 10.00 but it is well worth it.

Laneige Sleeping Mask, there is something that I noticed we all need moisture on our skin. I was skeptical about trying a sleeping mask because I wondered how it would really affect my skin. But I tried it and it wa…

Probiotic, Fiber and Plant Based

You say where have you been Positivexpert?

Well, as you guys know I do some TV,
for the last couple of years I have been experimenting with diets with the Dr. Oz Show. First it was the plant based diet and this diet is amazing because plant based eating is so inexpensive and healthy. Plus, you don't go totally vegan instantly because it would be too much on your body.
But, having less meat is something that is beneficial for all!
I did loose a ton of weight in a quick amount of time. But the goal was could I try something new and stick with it?

Then I always had very bad acid reflux and heartburn. Being on the Probiotic Diet introduced me to the power of fermented foods.
Kim-Chi fermented cabbage that is spicy. And Kombucha, which is actually fermented tea that taste great!!

Did this help my bloat and digestive problems, absolutely!

I always buy Kombucha! And if I want a great soup with a kick, I throw in Kim Chi.

Now why is fiber important?
Fiber is important because it flushes t…

Self Care : Why Is It Important

Self Care is the latest buzz word in the wellness industry.

But what does it really mean?

Upon further discussions with experts is my friends, self care is the ability to unplug from life's daily demands.

As one person told me with this world of uncertainty the only thing we can control is how we feel in our bodies.

Then question remains do we just do anything we want because it makes feel good?

The answer is NO, self care is all about taking care of your physical self so you don't end up with a chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, etc.

Some of the ways of unplugging are to
1. Get enough rest! When you don't sleep you are depriving yourself of vital oxygen to the brain and the ability to produce red blood cells which carry iron through out the body.
2.You are prone to anxiety and depression when you don't get enough sleep.
3.Unplug from the TV, if you constantly watch the news, murder mystery and don't break up your programming then you are pron…