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Men's Grooming : Luxury

NYFW Men is literally right in three weeks,  so how does a male model keep his hair camera ready?We did some research on the best products that would keep a man 's hair camera ready.Julien Farel Salon
This salon has the best anti aging haircare products for men. They also do all of the models for the Nick Graham Show.
Those models are the best! Martial Vivot
We came across this salon on the side of MOMA in June for the annual French Wink   Father's Day Event. This salon has the best hair care products in terms of being all natural. The manager explained to me  mass market products are okay, but as a man ages the harshness of the products causes premature hair loss. Wow! Who knew... They also sell their products at Barney 's, in addition to the salon.John Allen Salons
They have the coolest vibe in Saks,  in terms of high profile salon. To get that ultimate surfer look the pomade is amazing with out being heavy or greasy.For luxury hair care service and products, these ar…

Beauty Spot : Our Picks for 2017

We read some research and got some really great products for you to have that "slay" look.In the Northeast winter lasts now til April , so the harsh elements can dry out a person 's skin and hair.New Products that we tried are:
1. 24k Gold by Miss Spa  this retails for 3.99 at Target, but we found out that Kylie Jenner swears by this mask. And I can see why, this mask adds so much moisture to your skin it is  amazing.2. YES to Carrots Primrose Face Mask with a Face Oil.
The both products are great, but we all agreed on the Face Oil, which is amazing!3. Oh My Brow by European Wax Studio :
This is great as a highlighter for your face to contour, does such a wonderful job, forget your brow, use this as a highlighter for real.4. Klorane Olive Shampoo:
This is such a great product that does not strip the hair at all.5. Vaseline Lip Therapy: Rosy Lips
This is such an amazing product, we use this at night and when we don't have events to go to  and it leaves our lips so sof…

Thanks to You! Positive Peeps

Thanks again for reading Positivexpert. We were on a hiatus of sorts and instead of bringing you garbage, we decided to take a  break and come back strong for 2017!We have never taken our audience for granted, nor have we not been working hard on bringing you the best in content for this publication.We are back to the grind January 2, 2017 and looking forward to making it awesome.Thanks again and as always. ..Cheers,
Positivexpert Family