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Use What You Have: Pantry Alert

Many of us who just celebrated Easter and Passover, spent well over 2,000.00 in food. As I went into the grocery store I found myself picking up things aimlessly.
Only to put everything back that and walk out of the store.
When I came home I did an inventory, I did have several cake mixes, bacon, cheese, tons of eggs, cereal, chicken, tomato sauce, rice, olives, kale.
What did I make?
1. Bacon and mushroom quiche
2. Chicken Cacciatore
3. Yellow Rice flavored with Tumeric, bay leaf, and olives.
4. With the cake mix I doctored it up and used the juice of a 6 lemons and the zest to make an awesome lemon cake.
5. The cheese went into the quiche and the other half went into an Alfredo sauce for the pasta
Kale I used for a kale salad.

By the time I was finished cooking I had enough food for a wonderful holiday brunch and dinner.

Many of my guests thought it was the best brunch/ dinner out.

If they only knew I just "used what I had "