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Our Halloween Party

So we decided to have a last minute Halloween Party.I got a punch bowl filled it with candy with a battery operated candle and put candy, serves two purposes trick or treaters. And to hide the candy from folks over doing it on candy, I spray painted an old witches hat and put it over the bowl.My cupcakes chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate icing are funny faces and if you don t want to eat a face then have a tropical flower.Cheers to a fun and safe Halloween.

Foodie Friday: Halloween Goulash

So its Halloween and what do you serve your adult friends for your Halloween Party.Beef Stew over Herbed Polenta1. Take Sirlon and cube it and season with salt and pepper.
2. Cut up a pepper, an union and smash three cloves of garlic, and carrots.
3. In a sautee pot saute everything in Olive oil and reduce with a cup of wine and a jar of tomato sauce with 3 Bay leafs.
4. Simmer for 4 hours until meat is completely tender.Serve over hot Polenta with thyme.Cheers to a Ghoulish Halloween!

Does It Work?

So I have a bit of a dry hand problem. Which can age your hands and skin, so I have used Strivictin Anti Aging cream on my hands with sun screen.I do this twice a day once at night and the begining of the week.So, does it work?After a month, yes this it works and it works well.So, if you think that only your face ages, think again and pay attention to all parts of your body that is exposed to Sun and the elements.Cheers!

Hair This!

Are you the type of person who always puts your hair in a ponytail, you are doing errands in the ponytail it goes, well I was that kind of a person, until I went to my stylist to had to hack off 4 inches of my hair.

Why?? Because I wore ponytails and it was not allowing my hair follicles to breathe.

He told me he sees this alot with students, people who work at home, etc.

So I asked him what the alternative to the old ponytail was and he told me stylish headbands, turbans, and even hair jewlery, that keeps the hair off the face and of course he suggested at night to get a silk bonet after I brush my hair before going to bed.

He told me that even if you get regular deep conditioner treatments it still is no good if you keep the hair tight and don't allow those follicles to breathe.

So, on my way home from the salon, I bought some stylish cotton headbands, cotton allows the hair to breathe.

If you are like me and enjoy your locks then keep them with a head band.

Cheers to healthy ha…

Second Chances??

It seems as though people are on steroid CRAZY!! these days, I don't even read or watch the newspaper because of it seems as though someone has done something beyond bizarre.

So, as a person who wears her heart on her wrist, do you ever give a person or an institution a second chance?

Here are my rules:

1. We live in a working environment where the less qualified someone the more than likely they will get a job because it is cheap labor; however because those people are grossly incompentent they will take out their frustration on you the person. In this case I leave those people alone, do you support the institution is the question?
It depends what you are going to get out of it... I went to a free or a $7.00 event at an institution that has one person who is so incompentent people laugh in his face, but I was there for a reason, and ended up getting not only free swag but three business contacts. So, don't let one person ruin your chance for a having a good time or getting co…

Beauty Tip # 2: Why Fat is Good

Everyone seems to be on the endless yo-yo no carbs, no fat, juice cleanse diet...

But as my friend and beauty consultant Eileen at Trish Mc Envoy told me if you have oily skin and are prone to break outs that is a sign of a good thing.


She told me the drier your skin, the more it is prone to advanced aging. So she said a little meat on one's bones also helped as well. I know explanation, if your diet is high in healthy fat such as avocados, coconut, olive oil, organic butter it retains the essentials oils in your body and your skin is much less prone to aging.

She also told me that is secret to most Mediterranean diets, they drink one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning, for weight loss and to replenish essential oils lost during the winter months.

If you look most scary thin women, need Botox and filler because they have lost volume in their skin, because they do not eat enough fat to give the skin a healthy glow.

So embrace those avocados, eat a piece of bacon once an…

Foodie Friday: Affordable Meals

Many Americans are still trying to find ways to feed a family of four on a limited budget.

I discovered ways in which we all can have our food budget stretch a bit.

Whenever there are meats on sale, my meat of choice is chicken and the cut are theighs and legs, buy three family packets of that meat.

1. One family pack or fryer pack of chicken has 10 pieces or portions of meat in them, so for a family of four that is 4 meals. If you cut the chicken theigh in half everyone can get a second helping wink, wink.

2. So, for my family pack of chicken theighs, I prepared it 4 different ways:
1. Baked Oven Fried Chicken with Italian Breadcrumbs and parmsean mixed into the breadcrumbs.
2. Baked BBQ Chicken
3. Curry Coconut Chicken
4. Herb Roasted Chicken with Rosemary, Thyme and Chives

3. You are thinking great what about sides?
One 5 lbs. bag of potatos will go far..
For the Oven Fried Chicken-- cut the potato into wedges  with olive oil, and salt bake till done, those are your fries.
BBQ Chic…

Self Esteem Check

Many of us are bombarded with the photoshop images within the media or in our own families we are fat shammed, or asked if we are another diet.

Here's our solution, dress your best every day and take a picture, selfie or have someone be your photog
I was at the make up counter and a woman wanted me to do this for her we had fun, told jokes and her mood was uplifted.

I did this for myself after having a horrible experience for one month this is what I did and by the time this Fall came around, my confindence was beyond

You may think that is self absorbed, but really it is not. It is about reclaiming your beauty and right to be seen and treated with respect.

Cheers to clothed selfies and self esteem!

Results on Our Social Experiment: Days One and Two

So last week we set on an adventure to find as many free and fun events and attend them in NYC.

Last week we hit gold:

1. We were invited to the App Nexus Movemember Launch Party in the Flatiron District.
The founder of Movember was there explaining why we created the movement. The Movemember movement is a Mens Health iniative because the second leading cause of death for men is prostate and testicular cancer, which if caught through early detection can save so many men. So starting Nov. 1 men are required to shave all facial hair and grow a moustache and get screened.
Was this event fun? The live jazz was amazing and the bassist was so into his music, he made me loose myself into his groove.

2. The second event we got an invite was the Glamour and Lord and Taylor Beauty Event.
This event was all about the pucker the lip and how to attain goregous lips using various brands. They gave a great swag bag and a 25.00 gift card that you had to use that night, the music was a club feel, they had p…

Beauty Tip # 1: Making Lip Gloss Last

I am a lip gloss kinda of a woman, love the moisture and shine and it makes anything you wear look expensive.

However, how do you make lip gloss last?

We figured it out use a nude matte lipstick as a base, then apply your lip gloss as a top coat not only does it give it that shine and longevity it is appropriate for daytime and night.

So, if you had the same problem as myself, there you have a great solution.

Cheers to your great pucker!

Foodie Friday: Milk and Cookies

Every Fall we do a milk and cookies edition just to get us in the festive fall/winter season to come.

So everyone loves chocolate and if you don't have a nut allergy who doesn't love peanut butter?

We combined Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip cookie mix and the Peanut Butter cookie mix, instead of using butter we used 1/2 cup of Canola oil, which is gentle on the waist line.

After making 4 dozen, which came out heavenly! Salty & Sweet!!

We needed a chaser.

1. Almond milk
2. Decaf Chai Mix
3. 2 jiggers of Bourbon

Bring to a slow boil and with our Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies this is a wonderful grown up treat to a fall dinner party.

Cheers to Milk and Cookies!

Beauty Spot: Mass Retail Embraces Natural

For a year now we have been highlighting the importance of using beauty products that contain min. toxins.

Do you buy a 3 gallons of Olive Oil, 4 lbs. of Oatmeal for a mask and beauty products?

Thankfully, most mass (affordable) beauty products have heard us the consumer and here is what we found:

1. Revlon-- Now makes mineral based lip gloss--yeah!

2. Suave-- Natural Product Line made with Argan Oil--Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

3. Olay-- A Body Wash made with Shea Butter and Essentials Oils

4. Sinful Colors-- The 1.99 nail polish exclusively made at Walgreens/Duane Reade are made without Toulene, Forhmadehylde, BCP's, etc.

So yes you can afford to look great, be safe, without spending a fortune.

Congrats to our HALL of FAME!!

When we first started two years ago, so were a lot of other people who decided to take their years of experience and make something great with their lives.

Congrats to out HALL of FAME:

1. Adolfo Sanchez-- Adolfo Sanchez, LLC.
 He learned from the best designers, has his own collection and collection of designers under Creativ PR. Most recently, his designers dresses was featured on an A- List Hollywood Actress. Kudos to Adolfo! I was at his first NYC show and is so proud of his accomplishments!

2. Liza Kindred-Third Wave Fashion
After working at several jobs in fashion and tech, she launched Third Wave Fashion, which is fashion tech consulting firm, she was one of our first interviews where she grants us an hour of her time explaining to us the intracies of fashion and e-commerce and the intersection of the two. She has spoken at every major fashion event in the world about her expertise. Today she is recognize as one of the leaders of Fashion Innovation and has put out a world clas…

The Best PMS Chocolate Solution Ever!!!

If anyone happens to run into Dr. Oz ask him why women crave chocolate during PMS.

We checked WebMD but they didn't give us an answer nor did our docs.

So we made an awesome Chocolate Raspberry Ganche Cake, that will satisfy those cravings.

1. Bag Milk Chocolate Chips
2. Bag Semi- Sweet Chocolate Chips
3. 1 cup of Heavy Cream
4. 2 boxes of vanilla cake mix
5. 1 Large Jar of raspberry jam
6. 1 carton of fresh raspberries

1. In a double boiler pan put both milk and semi- sweet chocolate chips in a pan and add heavy cream should be a heavy consistency--allow to cool.

2. Follow the directions for the yellow cake mix and add half  the chocolate mixture to the cake batter and  mix at a med speed, this way there is no air in the mixture. Pour into two cake pans and bake according to box directions.

3. Take the rest of the chocolate mixture and put it aside.

4. Bring raspberry jam to room temp. in a bowl and smooth it out with a rubber spatula.

5. When cakes are cooled place the bottom ca…

Our Social Experiment

Now that we have all our of outfits for Fall/Winter, we are conducting a social experiment for the rest of the month.

What's the experiment? You ask???

We noticed tons of websites that have "invite only" events and post pictures the same 30 people at those events or other events that cost so much you have to take out a loan on your 401 (k).

So we are hot, smart young women who won't ask about your spirit animal; so our social experiment is how many great events in NYC we can attend for free for the rest of the month, without VOLUTEERING!

This is a wonderful way to see and meet new people and get to wear all of our clothes that are looking at us!

And get to see what real NY Fashion Street Style is...

So cheers to our social experiment FUN for FREE for the REST of the MONTH!!!

Fall Time: Soup's On!

In the northeast- Fall is all about cold weather and sometimes damp weather, so after long day you will need something to warm you up.

Here are my two recipes that are proven to be delish.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup:

Marinade overnight half of cup of low sodium soy sauce
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Grated Ginger
1 bottle of organic ginger beer

The next morning in a soup pot put the marinaded with liquid and chicken into a soup pot and cover with water on a low simmer- slow cooking is key.

Then 20 min. before you are ready to serve put in Soba Noodle or Asian Rice Noodles to the pot.

Serve immediately.

If you are inviting guests over then serve on the side red chilli flakes, coconut milk, or Siracha.

For a dramatic effect pour hot broth over defrosted potstickers tableside and have the boiling broth cook the potsticker.

Serve with a Thai Beer or Lemongrass infused water/

Cheers to a great way to keep warm this fall and winter!