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Serious Game Changer in HR

Recently, I read an article from a HR manager in a reputable business magazine.This person said they can spot a liar, instantly because:1. A candidates education does not match their current experience.2. A candidate doesn't fit the type that would come from that school.3. A candidate doesn't have the years in a particular field that would match the job description.Okay I have to stop.In 2008 when the markets for finance and consulting literally bottomed out. 1. Many people with advanced degrees had to learn new skills set for new digital economy. Look for transferable skills-- financial management, team work, negotiation skills, who they partnered with in the past.2. Digital, Social and Content Marketing are less than 10 years old. In fact Facebook just turned 12. So job specs or hiring managers can't demand a candidate to have over 10 years experience in a field that just turned 10. 3. What does a fit from a particular school mean, I was at a professional nextworking eve…

How to Deal with Workplace Stress

Everyone has experienced some type of workplace stress.In these days every seems angry and ready to pop off, even when I went for vitamin shots.So, how do keep your cool and not let things get to you especially on the job.1. Realize that YOU are not the founder of the company. 2. Your job does not compromise your identity. We are very skilled and talented beyond the 8 hours we give to our employers.3. Compartmentalize your life, these are my co workers who I share a mutual employer with, these are not my therapist, BFF's, future husbands, wives, etc.4. Develop relationships with people outside your work environment, even outside your industry, so your stress is minimal.5. Never take business decisions personal, it is just that business. Businesses are designed to make money and maximize profits. 6. After every layoff downsizing, say thank God, you are moving closer to your purpose.When I graduated from graduate school in 2006, I found myself out of a job by 2008 because of the hor…

Why Less Is More

When I tried the latest beauty trends such as strobe and highlights, with blue eye shadow and pink hair extensions,This what I got....1. Face rash from all that foundation, primer and blush and highlights.2. Blue eyeshadow, a lot of laughs.3. Pink hair extensions, or clip ons, some asking me if I was into magic.When I didn't where any of that stuff:
1. My face cleared up.2. Eyes were simple, eyeliner  or mascara.3. Simple nude lip gloss with a slight shimmer.4. Natural hair colorThe results:
1. Felt better about myself.
2. No one laughing.
3. More people were attracted to me.
4. Better business offers.What I learned???
1.Most people who wear excessive make up are seen as insecure and having some thing to hide.2. Most trends should not be tried by people who have extremely sensitive skin, such as myself.3. Make Up even drugstore brands are expensive!4. Experimental trends are great to try once and while, but know your industry and the people that you want in your life and follow an…

Getting and Staying Out of Debt

Most people would say that they have some or experienced some financial difficulties.Here's is what we learned:1. Only buy the necessities when needed, not out of emotion.2. Learn to sew, mend, fix clothes.3. Home cooked meals as much as possible.4. Check the return policy on all merchandise, if you have not worn it in 2 months, you are never going to wear it again. See if you can return.5. Go to events that you are going to get some value, not the just the gift bag. Because the people or the environment, maybe not be to your liking and you just wasted time and money.6. Don't give unsolicited advice, you and your knowledge and time are valuable, if someone asks for something, you are a consultant charge a fee!7. Turn a hobby into a side business, if you are a extreme couponer, then teach classes and offer to shop for the elderly who maybe on a fixed income.Cheers to the end of all financial problems!

Beauty Spot: New Products Alert

Spring is officially here with Coachella, and the cherry blossoms blooming in Central Park.So, we in our infinite quest to find the perfect beauty products found several:1. Sephora 's Sleeping Mask in Lingzhi which is anti aging and smoothing, after a couple of days we did feel a definite change in the texture of my skin. It was so smooth.2. Sephora's Matte Lipstick in Russet Leather or Scarlett Red.3. Olay Anti Aging Shower Gel
Which is so thick you don't need any oils or body moisturerizer at all.4. Clinique Beyond Perfecting
This is the best foundation and concealer that gives full coverage that is light.5. Highlighting Powders
This is big to give you face that amazing glow; however I found that with off the shoulders tops being in style, then you take the Highlighting Powder and dust in on your shoulders and legs especially for that amazing glow in the evening.
Tom Ford makes the best of it or Pat McGrath is amazing as well, her products land at Sephora at the end of A…

New Products to Fill A Need

Last night at FIT was a great panel on building a business in the beauty industry.I know with so many brands, another company.Although there are tons of brands, there are few that cater to the multicultural women.Two make up reknown make up artists, AJ from AJ Crimison Beauty, who after 15 years has glammed up the best on the red carpet launched his own brand.AJ Crimison Beauty has over 15 shades of foundation to match every skin and undertone, in the multicultural market.The multicultural consumer spends over 750 million dollars a year in beauty products and is growing upwards to 7.6 trillion by 2020.AJ 's secret sauce is not just e commerce, but traditional marketing methods such as panel discussion with other industry leaders. He is all about collaboration, especially in his industry.Also, he knows is craft and where his demand for repeat and new customers are, he goes to them and does traditional road shows.Of course he is on Instragram and the event was live streamed on Peris…

Upcycling, Recycling, and Swaps

Eco friendly fashionistas have evolved, it is no longer buying clothes that are 100 percent cotton and pure textiles.It is also upcycling?Upcycling is taking old outfits and deconstructing it to make a new wardrobe.  It is taking buttons and trims from that Alexis Carrington jacket your Mom bought that has gorgeous buttons and old sequin dress that can no longer fit.To make great accessories, ala Etsy tutorials.Recycling clothes is giving clothes to another person or a charity with the hopes that they would wear it again.Swaps are going to fashion industry or blogger sponsored events and literally swapping the old clothes for new clothes with your fashionista friends.Cheers to upcycling, recycling, and swaps!

Spring Cleaning = New Wardrobe

My family and I were doing some major Spring Cleaning and I found a new wardrobe.All of my Mom's smaller bags from the 60's when women went out on the town with gloves on with their potential husbands.Nowadays these bags have made a comeback and no longer is it a badge of honor to walk around with 50 pound knapsacks. Even my cousin who has a toddler carries everything in her fringe handbag, you would see at Coachella.Plus, the importance of this was realizing how blessed we are to have so much!!My mom realized that she has enough towels to supply Bed Bath and Beyond.Books that are still relevant but we read are going to a library in underserved communities.Other items such as Schift Beer trays are collectors items, time to learn how to refurbish.Clothes, hats, and handbags, with tags on them is truly like going to a vintage store, except it's already paid off!Cheers to Spring Cleaning and to your new wardrobe!!!

Beauty Spot: Make Up Chuck!

Okay all of you who got or bought those wonderful gift sets for Christmas, it's now time to chuck it!Why???Because they are NO good!My friend slathered on her high end gift set designer gloss, then at the side of her lips it started to cake and look ....Anyway, the best time and deals are late April and Mothers Day. Fresh new colors and products with bonus freebies.What to do from now until the end of April, detox your face!Cheers to a new season of beauty!

Beauty Spot: Tip Sheet #1

Your old mascara is done, but you can repurpose that old mascara brush.1. Soak the mascara brush overnight in make up cleaning solution.2. Dry the next day overnight3. Use eyebrow pencil and use the old mascara brush to tame brows and use it, when they are being filled.If you sanitize brushes every night, and dry them overnight, including mascara brushes, you will not have any bacteria build up.Cheers to beauty tip #1!

"Drugstore" brands vs. Prestige brands

The beauty market is heating up, just two years ago brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Olay and Neutrogena were doing okay.These brands are now the prestige brands of the drugstore or chain stores.There quality has dramatically increased and so has their prices.Revlon's eyebrow shaper kit is priced on point with Sephora and rivals Anastasia.Neutrogena made a comeback with their high quality make up wipes, all natural line of body washes, and lip colors in the chubby sticks that rivals Clinique.Covergirl 24 hours lipstick with a base and  shine stick is so impressive that when I went to Saks a person at a prestige counter wanted to know where I got that lipstick.Maybelline mascara has always taken the cake but their eye pigments in sticks and single palettes also rivals Sephora and MAC.Olay brands have seriously upped their ante with an amazing brightening face wash, exfoliating brush, and even microdemabrasion kit, to rival that of famed Dr. Patricia Wexler.So, you ask ho…

Forever 21 over 21???

One day I was talking to a friend and I said I will shop at Forever 21.She agreed until, she confided in me she spent some money at the Forever 21, in Union Square, NY. Why??She told me that she couldn't afford Free People and in that store they had an awesome collection that could pass for Free People clothing.So, I Checked it out and for Spring and Summer, they have the cutest trendy items and so what if you paid 12.00 for faux leather shorts. At least you got one season out it with out the compound interest on your credit card.I do advise for the cutest super trendy items go ahead and get 10 items for under $100.00!No one will ever know!!Cheers to the over 21 shopping at Forever 21!