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My Winter Beauty Haul: Thanks Bloomies!

For the past couple of weeks I have been bragging about the awesome beauty finds that I bought so:

Here are the products and of course when you go to a beauty event, you should make a purchase!

Until the next three months, when all beauty addicts should change there products.
See you at the Flagship Store 59th and Lexington Ave. in Manhattan, NY.
 Kudos to Allison and Christine who are Event Managers for all beauty events!

Treasure Hunt Day: What Does $25.00 buy you?

In the age of uber luxury we took a break and went on a "Treasure Hunt"

What does $25.00 buy a person?

We a gift card from target and there clearance sales were an extra 10 percent off?
Here's what we got:
1. 3 lightweight layers sweaters
2. Thick knit gorgeous hat with a big pom pom on top
3. A pair of warm gloves
4. 2 Nickel free earrings

We love to read and write! Barnes and Noble had a 50 percent off clearance sale.
1.Fashion- Coffee Table Book
2. Sophie Kinsella's book- The Wedding Night
3. Bobby Brown's Pretty Powerful Book

1. 5 free nail polished with our discount card
2. 4 Body Washes with a buy one free offer with our store discount card.

So yes, for each category we were able to buy some amazing items for $25.00.

Cheers to saving a buck when necessary!

The Scent of the Season Is....

The scent of the season is Chole, Love Story.

The bottle top is shaped to signify a lock on top, it represents all of the locks on the bridge in Paris France.

The scent itself is amazing in that it feminine and flirty and you can wear it to a meeting or date night.

It is truly refreshing, especially when you come out of the shower and spritz it before getting dressed, amazing.

Cheers to a Love Story!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Man

Men love to receive gifts as well, besides the obvious which is sex.

Here are some great gifts for your man.

1. Appointment at Art of Shaving Spa- Hot Towel Close Shave, I am told by men are the best.

2. Shinola- This is a Detroit based luxury watch and bike manufacturer and I would say there products are the best, especially if your guy loves to bike.

3. Leather Weekend Bag- This bag can be found at Barney's this is best leather bag that I found, it is so cool, it has a great natural tan rugged look. It is found at the fine leather section.

4. Skin Care- The amazing products for men are Anthony Logistics they glyolic face wash and this is really going to help but a blue body wash, you can find the complete line at Lord and Taylor.

5. Cologne- They re-released Farhenhit which is amazing, and Obession by Calvin Klein I think has some hormones that would make you literally jump out of your skin, when you smell it on him, hence he should not wear this to work.

6. Harley-Davidson Moto…

Skin Care vs. Make- Up

Many women get skin care and make up confused.

They believe that concealer will cover the pizza binge for 2 weeks, and that foundation will cover the fact that you should exfoliate twice a day, especially for oily skin.

So what is skin care?

Skin care is the proper maintenance and hygiene of the largest mass of your body which is the skin.

How should you take care of your skin?
1.  Diet and lifestyle are major factors to skin quality.

2. You can be a size 0 and have poor skin because of stress, alcohol, caffeine, and drug consumption, excessive make- up, especially stage quality make up.

3. Also refined sugar can contribute to black spots around your skin, especially if you consume a lot of white flour carbs and sweets.

So now what?

You should only buy skin care products from brands that are dedicated in skin care, and do not have a make line attached to it.

This is important because you want the best quality skin care and companies that are focused on skin care only. I find when bran…

Super Bowl Menus-- Regionally from West Coast to East

We have something for everyone this Super Bowl Season!

We are going local and chose the favorites for that region.

North East-- Patriots
1. Hearty New England Clam Chowder
2. Slow  Cooked Boston Baked Beans
3. Short Ribs cooked in Guinness Stout with Brooklyn Brew Soraci Ale
4. Mashed Potato Bake

South/South West
Fried Chicken
Baby Back Ribs with a wet sauce
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad
Honey Corn Bread

Mid West
Smoked Brisket Sliders
Onion Rings
Dried Rub Ribs
Beef Chili

West Coast
Fish Tacos
Avocado Crema on toast points
Roasted Tomatillo Soup
Fresh Salsa
Roasted Corn and Kale Salad with vegan green goddess dressing

Cheers to a wonderful Super Bowl and you mix n match your dishes depending on your crowd!

The Non- Celebrity Beauty Regimen

We read countless articles on how much A- list celeb's to look and maintain their bodies and healthy glow.

So we figure we would do what we could afford on a modified budget.

Skin Care:
80 percent of beauty is skin care and health non make-up that's what a leading dermatologists told us, we products, so when had there beauty event at there flagship store, this is what we bought.
1. Face Masks are so important and to have that all out glow, a box of 10 for 10 weeks to a healthy glow would do it.

2. Pietra essential toner, we bought some of that as well, which is amazing.

3. Moisturizing lotion- has the result of La Mer but a lot lighter on the skin.

4. We also bought a wrinkle cream which, who but again we are working on a modified budget so we are not going to get botox at a doctor.

5. Everyday, we have our exfoliator and our daily cream based wash.

6. Lotion- We have olive oil that we infused with lavender.

That covers skin care!…

Does My Nail Polish Offend You?

As a fashionista and beauty expert, nail colors or polish is my addiction.However, there are times when sky blue Nail polish is not appropriate. Of course in a business enviornment and on dates.Yes dates many men find it very distracting to concentrate on a date and your nail art and sunny yellow fingers are starring him in the face.The primary color that men are drawn too are red and in the red family, so marsala color excellent for business and dates.If you want to get your bling in then do a nude color with one finger with a bling overlay. This is subtle adult and keep people interested.Cheers to non offensive Nails!

Keys to being a Visionary

This January especially now, vow to be a visionary.A visionary is some one who does not
1. Complain
2. Adds value to a Team, community, and community.
3. Sees above the fray of hurtful gossip, meanspiritedness, and is a relationship builder, more than a person who is a taker.
4.  Is a person that is more committed than achieving results than collecting accolades.
5. Is a joy to be around and always leaves a good impression long after they have left the room or finished the project.
6. They dont seek fame, a lot of people select not be included on the Forbes most richness, or more influential lists.This year strive to be a person with vision.

The Best Reason to Shop Clearance Sales Online

Well, we were out and about in the stores and noticed something interesting.

The interesting thing with the tremendous mark downs 70 percent off, etc. we looked at the clothing further had the missing price tag, mmm, then one had make-up on it, mmm, then sweater which was clearly not a marled sweater was not in fact marled.

Having done our homework, we took to our apps and did our ordering, fashionistas must be prepared at all times.

When the merchandise came to us, what did we notice?

1. Every item was it in a sealed plastic bag.
2. The original price tag was on the item.
3. When we opened the merchandise, it did not look as though "Suzy" wore to the club last night and then returned the item, gross, gross.
4. The item was true to it's description, a marled sweater was a marled sweater, a tweed sweater was also tweed.

So, by now if you are not going to shop at the beginning of the season and wait for those "deals"
it is best you shop online, so what it gets to you a da…

Apres Ski Dressing

Ski season is among us. If you are skiing in Switzerland, Big Bear, California, Salt Lake City, Utah or right here at Hunter Mountain, NY.

It is key to look chic at all times.

The key essentials if you are walking around town out of your chalet:

1. Hand muff- Hand muffs are all fur and fur lined, common in Europe.

2. Head bands are also very chic- Try Eugunia Kim Collection.

3.Gloves vs. Mittens- In my opinion no one over the age of 14 should wear mittens. Gloves are essential leather gloves with cashmere lining is the best and the warmest without making your hands sweat.

4. Outwear: Puffer jackets are an essential, Michael Kors has a rose gold color if you are on the wild side, but I have a basic black Calvin Klein, that works wonders.

Chalet Dressing:

1. Most people change after a day on the slopes because it is the right thing to do, and I would still recommend, tights under basic boot cut or skinny jeans.

2. Sweaters are so cool, you could wear an amazing mohair sweater in a varie…

Love the Love

Revlon just re launched there brand in Nov. and it was all about LOVE!

So why do we love it? Don't frown because it is a drug store brand.

Given, yesterday's article we had to find a brand that would support our case for light colors in the winter especially if you are not on the West Coast. Another good reason for us to spend money right??

First up!

1. Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy, in Sky's the Limit!
Amazing it is sky blue shimmer with a base coat built in, which is good because our Sally Hensen's Top Coat is still amazing. We love this along with a blue turtleneck and a gray sheepskin vest.

2. Revlon: Photoready Eye Art: Peach Prism
We love this because it gives us that make-up non make-up look with a bit of sophistication, so wonderful. There is a metallic element to it which works great if you are doing a black liner for the lid, then you give metallic a bit of the cat eye at the end.

3.Lips- The Hot Pink Gloss
It is so wonderful that they made this product because t…

Keep It Poppin!

We mean using light colors in the winter months if you live in other places other than the West Coast of this country.

Many New Yorkers are infamous for their "black" or black/white combos until March. Here is how you can brighten up your wardrobe and your life!

Color Infusion:
1. Light Blue turtlenecks work well with everything, especially over navy metallic and grays.

2. Pink with gray, black, wine gives anything look a fresh South Beach glow.

3. Sea foam sweaters are great way to shake things up for real.

Hair Accessories:
Be that Senorita with a flower in her hair!
You can go to a craft store and get a small flower and embellish it use it as hair accessory.
Headbands are great as well. Thick head bands with big bouffant hair is really amazing.
Baylage your hair from now. Go lighter and allow your skin to glow.

Beauty: Make-Up
My favorite cheek color is Amazon Clay Pink by tarte, amazing stay and it looks great on any skin tone.

Use liquid eye liner in diffe…

How a Fashionista Preps for NYFW

It is the last NYFW at Lincoln Center and everyone including designers are happy about that, the tents at Bryant Park was amazing another suggestion is the area around the Highline.

Anyway, here are ways in which a fashionista preps for NYFW:


1. Our skin must look flawless, especially our face because the likely of us being photographed in 90 percent likely.

My new regime:
1. The brand Simple from the UK is amazing, the face scrub is wonderful and that is what I use twice a day.

2.Moisturerizer coconut and olive oil right out of the shower.

3. Drink 1 gallon of lemon water. Detoxs the liver, yes you will have to bathroom, but your skin will look amazing!

4. Sleep, sleep and sleep... 8 hours of sleep every night does wonders for your skin.

5. Go to your doctor and get your vitamin shots!


1. Respond promptly to any and all invites.

2. Redesign business cards or update all professional information so people can easily follow up with you.

3. Invest in an unlimited data pla…