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NYC Get Out: Museums and Botantical Garden

My favorite museum in NYC is the Whitney Museum of American Art.

This spring they have three great exhibits:

1. Blues for Smoke:
Anyone who loves great blues and jazz music will love this exhibit. This exhibit shows the art work from Coltrane to Basquiat. The exhibit just transports us back to time where art was created in a pure form.

2. American Legends:From Calder to O'Keeffe
This is my favorite showing because it is beauty at it's best. Especially with the exhibit from my favorite artist Georgia O'Keeffe, she captured the essence of nature in flowers so well and she celebrated all forms of women.

3. Jay Defeo: A Retrospective
This collection encompasses four decades of collages, drawings, paintings, photographs, and jewelry.

OK, hop on Metro - North and go to The Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens have a great exhibit on Orchids, on Saturdays they did have cocktail hour from 6-7 at the Orchid show, excellent.

Cheers to enjoying Spring.

Caribbean Easter Menu

Get into the Spring and Summer Mood by having a Caribbean Easter.

Here's what we came up with:

Cod Fish Fritters

Jerk Roasted Leg of Lamb

Boiled Sweet Plantains
Boiled Yucca with Onions and Warmed Garlic Oil
Traditional Green Beans

Mac and Cheese or Macaroni Pie


Traditional Yellow Cake

For this menu it would require pre-planning and prep.
You will need Jerk Seasoning- The best is Walker's
Yucca- Buy Frozen in the Goya Section
Sweet Plantains- Buy in a Caribbean or Latino grocery store
Leg of Lamb- your butcher

You should marinade the Lamb at least for 4 days with Jerk Seasoning and Roast it for four hours until it is cook thoroughly.

The yellow plantains look like a giant banana but it is a vegetable, just cut those in half according to how many guests you have, it takes 20 min to boil so that can be done Easter.

Yucca- boil the yucca according to the directions of the package, when yucca i…

Spring or Easter Party for the Kids

Many friends I know who aren't Christian allow their children to participate in Easter Egg coloring parties, because it celebrates Spring and New Life.

Here is what you will need for the party:

2 dozen Eggs
Vegetable Based Food Coloring
Warm Water
Easter Baskets- depending on how many children
Easter Grass
Easter Candy- Every child should have experience what a Peep is once in their life.

Easter Egg Preparation:
1. In a stock pot boil all 2 dozen eggs, until it is hard boil.
2. When the eggs are cooled you should cover the table with butcher paper.
3. Have several bowls of coloring dye with 1 part vinegar, 1 part water
4. Have the child dip the eggs into the dye that he or she wishes.
5. In an egg carton let the eggs dry, have decals so the kids are clear whose eggs belong to whom.

Easter Basket Prep.
* Key note make certain that there aren't any candies that children are allergic too, such as nuts or chocolate.
Take the Easter grass and cover the base of the basket.

High/ Low Fashion: Mixing It Up for Spring/Summer

The weather is finally beginning to break in NYC and if you really need clothes like we do because of our detox, here are our suggestions.

We found that mixing up high end and low end items you can look really fab, for a fraction of a cost.

Jeans, Jeggings, Shorts, Skinny Jeans,& Tee- Shirts
 Most people even fashion experts, can't tell the difference between high end and low end items in this category. Truth be known many people aren't paying attention to lower half of your body, until you turn around, most men like to check out the ASSets. Working out in the gym improve those not the pants.

Savings: You can buy several pairs of color denim at 15.00 a pair from Walmart, need something a little higher end then, try Joe Fresh, H&M, Kohls and Pay/Half. You will save at least 300.00 if you buy your bottoms from these stores.

For regular tee shirts, don't pay more than 10.00 for a tee shirt, they have tee-shirt bundles at Wal-Mart for 3 tee for $10.00 in this seasons c…

Friday Night Meal: Codfish Stew with Polenta

This is a great hearty meal that is wonderful, especially during this time of year.

Codfish Stew with Polenta:

Codfish Stew:
1. Take one pound of salted codfish- soak for 3 hours to get the excess salt out of it.
2. Take one pound on plum tomato's
3. 1 bunch of parsley
4. 1 bunch of basil
5. 1 bunch of oregano
6. 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
7. 3 Tablespoons of crushed garlic

In a stock pot put 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with garlic, parsley, basil, and oregano, with the plum tomato's.
Pour 3 cups of water into the mixture
Take the salted codfish and break into bit size pieces.
Cook the mixture on low heat until the consistency of a stew
Add 2 small diced potato's into the stew.
Simmer until a thick stew.

The best mix is at William Sonoma.
Some people add okra, they say it enhances fertility--wink, wink!

When the Stew is done, then get a bowl put the polenta on the bottom and pour the stew over it!


Serve with red wine, excelle…

To Our Friends In Germany

We are sadden by the recent events of the helicopter crash, that happened in Germany.

We have a large German readership and we hope that you find the strength and hope to carry on, during this time of mourning.

We support you and hope for the best for our German friends.

In Peace,

Desserts for Grown- Ups!

You are having your in-laws over and they view cupcakes as for kids.

What do you do for dessert?

Here is a proven dessert that would have any mother law, singing your praises:

Lemon Pound Cake:
1. 1 Box of Yellow Cake Mix
2. 2 Lemons
3. Snowflake Sprinkles- Left over from the buying bonanza from Christmas
4. Vanilla Frosting
5. Bread Pan
6. PAM Spray

1. Prepare Yellow Cake Mix as directed.
2. Pour batter into the oiled bread pan- Use PAM
3. Grate some lemon zest over the top of the cake.
4. Bake as instructed.
5. As cake is baking- slice your lemons
6. Wash your cake pedestal
7. Line it with dollies
8. Make sure your frosting is at room temperature- easy to spread.
9. When cake comes out of the oven, make certain it is cooled for at least 25 min.
10. Flip in on the cake pedestal
11. Frost with a butter knife
12. When the cake is frosted put the sliced lemons down the center of the cake
13. Have fun with the snowflake sprinkles.
14. Put the rest of the lemons on the aroun…

True Weight Loss: Embrace Your Beauty

When I meet people and we get into a deep conversation, I tell them that I loss 150 lbs. three years all naturally.

They are literally amazed, then the barage of questions:
1. Did  I do Weight Watchers?
2. Jenny Craig?
3. Sensa?

Nope, I simply learned to love myself. Sounds simple but it is true, I always would get the "fat girl's compliment" you are fat but have a pretty face.

One day I went on a crusade if I am going to have "pretty face" then I am going to be the best. I scoured all the drug stores, department stores, and beauty specialty shops for the best treatments for my face.

Then, I got into scents and aromatherapy from time I awake, I want to smell the best, again I bought several shower gels that invoked smells of beauty, that transported me to tropical island, a rain forrest, etc.

Nails and feet were next, I made a lot of home potions to keep my feet and nails looking their best, then I my slight addiction came nail polish, every Monday-is Mani- Mond…

Women's History Month: Thanks Men!

We had to do a piece on Women's History Month right?

We took a survey at all the Women's History issues out there and they have it covered.

But, we would like to thank the millions of men, who stand up for women and women's equality everyday.

1. The men of India who in the wake of the brutal gang rape and death of that young woman, the men of India took to streets to protest and demand protection for women.

2. The late Tupac Shakur- whose song "Keep Ya Head Up!" depicts the injustices that women still face on a daily basis.

3. The group Men Against Rape- whose members organize and put political pressure on government officials to pass laws against rape.

4. The husbands, boyfriends, sons, who listen, connsole, and support us on a daily basis.

Thanks for being there we love you!

A Little Taste of India

It is 95 degrees in India right now, and it is not even 60 degrees in NYC.

So, we wanted to experience a piece of India in the Big Apple.

We found a great designer Monali G while we were out and about. The dress we love is a turquoise blue is various gradients, in a raw silk blend, the neckline was done in exquisite silver and blue trim with again in raw silk.

Amrita Singh:
She has a great choker in silver and white crystals, excellent with a black jumpsuit for the Spring and Summer.
Her famous stack bracelets are still exquisite in brass and various colors.

Shopping at Target we found the most tasty Potato Somosas- pop those into the oven.
We also picked up some Tandoori and Naan- bread.

We picked up a copy of Slumdog Millionaire- Excellent! The soundtrack is great as well.

So cheers to a fun filled Indian inspired evening!

Spring Fashion: Statement Jewlery

Statement Jewelry is really big this season.

Here are a few of our favorite designers that have amazing statement jewelry:

Amrita Singh:
She fuses Indian and West to create amazing pieces:
Our picks:
Gold tone Necklace with roses and crystals: Easy to wear piece from day to night.
Collar Necklaces she has with different crystals in a variety of colors.

Kenneth Jay Lane:
I bought so many of his pieces last season because they are timeless.

Alexis Bitar:
If you want to go high end these are truly one of kind pieces, using jewels such as canary diamonds, blue topaz, and emeralds.

Yes, as the movie studio Universal, they have recreated the most popular items worn in there movies and their collection is totally amazing!

Styling Tips:
When you chose a statement piece either a necklace or earrings, make certain that they stand out, so you aren't going to wear a busy print with statement necklace.

 Personally, I love a well fitted high low dress with scoop neck so I can wear …

Keys to Exceptional Leadership

Over the years there have been so many studies on leadership and leadership development.

However, after the last election cycle we in the office all agree on new factors that will determine exceptional leadership.

1. Consistency-
 Whatever your business, product or service, make sure your are consistent in your message.

2. Never Underestimate the Power of the Average Person-
Many people feel they can give people lip service, create false emergencies, give reports filled with a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
Your average person is more smarter, more engaged, and in tune with themselves and can detect falsehoods in a minute.

3. Always assume that whenever you speak someone is recording you.
This will make you think 100 percent of what you say about anyone.

4. Competency:
Whatever your field make certain that you have spent a min. of 2 years field experience and 2 yrs. practical experience in whatever your chosen profession. The world is looking for greatest start to be the change.

5. Our …

Spruce Up Your Love Life for Spring!

You have been hibernating for several weeks, so you need to get your bedroom in order, before one of you lose interest.

Our Tips:

1. Remove anything work related from your bedroom.
2. Have wonderful floral arrangements in your bedroom- I wake up every morning to my weekly floral arrangement.
3. Buy the best quality sheets you can afford, with a high thread count.
4. Have scents in the room that invoke love- cinnamon, amber, tuberose, citrus.
5. Hint Ladies: Men can't stand a bunch of pillows on the bed, max 4, 2 that you sleep on and the two major one to put on top the spread.
6. Choose gender neutral colors such as greens, blue and lavender.
7. No technology, including TV!

Cheers to wonderful days of love making in your spring bedroom!

Wedding Season: Bridesmaid Lunch

Now that Spring has sprung it's time to plan the wedding.

You have decided on your Bridal Party and You should plan something really special for your women, who have put up with you during the rollacoster of wedding planning.

We came up with the Bridesmaid Lunch:

Here's the Menu:

1. Appetizer:
Grilled Lemon/Garlic Shrimp on a Bed of Shredded Lettuce with Caesar's Dressing/ served in a Martini glass.

2. Entree
Roasted Spring Veggies with Pesto over Penne Pasta

Panacotta with Berry Coulis

Beverages: Sparkling Water with Lemon or White Wine

This meal has amazing flavor and its low in calories, so you won't have to worry about your bridesmaids not fitting into their dresses.

Parting gifts: Aromatherapy candles for after the wedding!

Wedding Season is Among Us!

So, after a great courtship to your soulmate, you are engaged!

Now is the time when it should be the most enjoyable time, the fun of planning everything.

To make life less stressful here are our suggestions:

1.Decide on Your Collective Vision:

Many grooms want to be part of the wedding planning activities, so ask your hubby to be, what specifically he wants to be a part of and let him handle those tasks.

2. Decide Upfront How Many People You Want at Your Wedding.
If you are the first one in your family to get married then your parents want to invite everyone including a 10th relative twice removed.
Bride's Parent's Guest List
Groom's Parent's Guest List
Your Collective Guest List
As a rule of thumb if you haven't spoken to anyone on your guest list in 3 months, then don't send them an invite!

Also, any ex- boyfriends, girlfriends, one-night stands, hook-ups, should never be on the guest list, this is your HOLY DAY, and nothing from the past that is any form of negativity …

Book Corner: Self- Help

We wrote an article about ditching self- help books, without realizing that some people may embark on this is journey for the first time. We apologize!

So, here are our picks:

 Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- (the late) Susan Jeffers, Phd.
We all read this and re-read it and was able to be set free from deep rooted fears that held us back for a long time.

 The First Book by Byron Katie
This was another librating book, because often times we get so overly concerned with problems that have nothing to do with us, key point: Whose business are you in?

 My management book on Kaizen
This is the Japanese management philosophy that believes in taking small steps to a problem, celebrating the small wins in life.

Those are our picks that catapulted us, find whatever works for you!

Cheers to librating yourself!

March; Spring Cleaning

March is a great time of the year.

It is a time of year to pull out those New Year's Resolutions and see how much progress you have made, or if you need to abandon certain goals all together.

It is also a great time to open your closets get the donation boxes out and go through out your living space and donate.

My Rules for Spring Time Donation:

1. If I haven't worn it in 6 months then I am never going to wear it.

2. If my clothes are too big, weight loss goals are working, then for certain, it goes to the donation pile.

3. If there is a certain negative memory attached to the item, then it is time to go!

Spring Time Cleaning:
This is the pile that needs to go to the garbage!

1. Any beauty products that are more than 3 months old, chuck, beauty products have a self life of that long.

2. Perfumes--ever notice your favorite perfume may not have that bright smell when you first bought it, that is because it is turning. The perfume is chemically breaking down, so it may not be wise for yo…

Red/White Spa

So, I went on hiatus so what it is for one day, and I wanted to check out some place new, the Red/White Spa in Tribeca, is the fab place!

When enter you are greeted with a great warmth and wonderful smells for the senses. The place is tranquil and  has such a Zen like quality to the environment.

I had the facial, which was so amazing, Ana who did my face, was so gentle, and the room had the same rose scent that transported me to a place where I felt loved and cherished.

Another great thing about the Red/White Spa is they are a part of, you know the deal was coming and you can get some great deals at the Red/White Spa through

Cheers to healthy skin and a Zen like experience.