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Foodie Friday: Boucheron NYC

As the temps heat up who wants to cook or even grill?

So, after a day of shopping, I went to the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle to Boucheron NY.

The dinner was so delightful, fresh mix field greens, then I had salmon with crispy skin, flashed blanched garden peas and wonderful mushrooms.

Of course ice water and I skipped on dessert.

But if you are ever in the NYC area this is a must for restaurant list.

Cheers to good and healthy summer time eating.

Summer/ Early Fall Wedding Season Trends

Congrats to everyone who has found true love, we at Positivexpert believe in it!

Here is what we came up with for the season.

Bridal Shower Ideas:
Create a "This is Your Life" movie for the bride with her historic moments and with her courtship to her fiancee.

Have the Mother of the Bride present the bride with a special heirloom and speech at the shower.

Create a Lingerie Show where her fiance picks out great pieces for the honeymoon, arange it as a trunk show, then tell her she can only pick one piece. When her fiance shows up, he tells her that is one of his surprises all of the lingerie is for her.

Triva Pursuit Anyone--Create a trivia game for the Bride based on what you know of the couple, where did they first meet, first date, etc.

Have the women of the grooms family present her with a "Welcome to the Family" a book of his their traditions, recipes, who gets to host which dinner, what does it mean when they say certain things.

Instead of Gift Certificates fo…

There Are Exceptions: Sports World

Everyone in the United States has heard about the horrible comments that a NBA owner has made and now a popular owner who is somewhat of a media personality.

However, I was in Rockerfeller Center the night of the NFL Drafts and every media outlet was there, the loyal fans, the team owners, you knew this was an exclusive event.

Then, when I was sitting in the plaza of Rockerfeller Center, I noticed a group of men, these men were clearly homeless, but as I looked closely they all had NFL Access landyards and was eating the sponsors pizza--Pappa Johns.

The men were happy and talked football as though they should have been commentators. All of the men were allowed to into Radio City Music Hall, where the event was taking place and as they entered the frenzy of the event.

I thought to myself whomever gave these men these passes and allowed them to feel an ounce of human dignity, out shadowed the negativity of the blanant and covert ill that unfortunately plagues this society.

Cheers to who…

Summer Book Giveaway

We all love books!

So we are giving away easy brezzy books that you would love plus one addition.

The books we are giving away are:

1. Jenny McCarthy's New and Hilarious Book
2. Emma Staub's funny book

One suprise book.

First person to leave a comment with their e-mail will get their beach reads!!

Cheers and may the best person win!

Giveaway Monday: Spa Week International

OK, so we are giving things away today, well not exactly...

Our friends at Spa Week International wants everyone to get fit so they have a promotion for

10 % off Spa and Wellness Cards here's the link and here's to looking and feeling great, here is the link:

Cheers to looking great and feeling great this summer, this promotion lasts until Dec.

Positivexpert Persons of 2014

Just like Time Magazine has there Person of the Year, Positivexpert  has our PEOPLE of the year.

Our first person, is Michelle Javian, CEO of Harboring Hearts.
I met Michelle five years ago right after her father lost his battle with heart disease and she has devoted the last five years making sure that heart disease and the families that it affects are not forgotten. Many people start a charity and have fundraisers, but Michelle not only has "great parties", but she and her team go into hospitals and have craft days with pediatric patients and provide there parents with meals. This Spring New York Magazine named her the Top 20 in Philanthrophy.
Her ability not to stay stuck in grief but use her father's memory as a fuel to help others  is why she is one of our PERSON'S of the year.
You can visit her organizations website at, her Spring Soiree is coming up and now is a good time to show off your great bods.

The second person who shares this honor …

New Battle Begins: Rooftops!!

Ok, we all agreed that we exhausted the battle of the boxes, so it is Spring/Summer and we are doing a new battle.

Battle of the rooftops... After work rooftop events are really big in NYC and we are going to check it out and report on them, at the end of the month, we will have who won our battle.

May the battle begin....

Everyone Loves a Good Deal

So I was in Union Square in NYC and low and behold there was a Nordstrom Rack.
You know the discounted merchandise from the actual store.I was so happy of course the store manager said it was cool if I snapped a few picks.So here is how you can blow your PMS money.

Book Report: DIY DYE

Every hair salon in the United States is booked with appointments for people who want to get highlights, low lights, bleaching, you name it!

And some salons are so overbooked that we need an alternative:

DIY DYE: By Loren Lankford

The author an industry veteran and beauty credits such as Cosmo, Entertainment Weekly, and MTV to name a few gives her unique perspective of getting salon quality color without the wait.

This book is packed with helpful information, clear easy to use steps, pictures of products and what you need to wear for your in home hair coloring experience.

Did you know that blond, light hair and gray hair is the easiest in terms of hitting the hair dye jackpot- because any color will absorb the pigment if your hair is light to  begin with, it will also match your current palette after using a toner.

What is a toner you ask?
According to Loren a hair toner is applied after the color and puts tons of nourishment right into your strands, it works to correct and heal damag…

Our Sincere Apologies

When you write everyday, you kinda go through computers at a very rapid rate.

So for the past months I have been writing on my smart phone, so I am so sorry for the typos--I know they are hundreds and foreign language spellings on things.

But, I love my readers and I still wanted to put out at least one article a week for your guys.

Thanks for putting up with the typos.

Now on to Spring and the Summer!!

Cinco de Mayo

Here is what we cooked up for Cinco de Mayo.