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Foodie Friday: Roast Pork Guisada

This dish is great when you are doing housework, put it in the slow cooker and let it GO!
Cubed pieces of pork
Fresh Oregano
Fresh Thyme
Pinch of salt and pepper
Juice of one lime
1 jar of Goya Sofrito
Wash pork with lime juice and vinegar.
Season with other herbs and one jar of Sofrito.
Marinade for 48 hours.
Cook pork in slow cooker till almost distegrating.
During the last 45 min. fry unripe green plantains, til golden salt immediately after the fryer.
Take the green plantains and put garlic mojo sauce, which are 12 cloves of garlic in olive oil.
Serve the pork with white rice, tostones, and chilled champagne.
Cheers to a great meal South of the Border!

Quick Pick Me Up!

Okay we all know that if you need to change your brain you should start to  exercise, this is a sure fire way to get those endorphins going.However, after that run or walk you should every two weeks, treat yourself, to a hair pin, earrings, something that you can wear on that walk or run.I know I bought a purple flower, with deep purple nail polish and put on my gear and went for a walk.When, I went to the grocery store, I put on a black tee with black jeans and put on long Chandler earrings, which were irrescendent, and a statement necklace I got those 50 percent off H&M.My point we all go through life's major disappointments, but the key is to NOT get stuck and keep it moving and look great in the meantime, without going broke! Thanks to H&M and a ten dollar pick me Up!

Fall Fashion Fling

Fall is here and so are the colors:Dark Hunter Green are in but, you dont, have to be so serious, add pops of colors, such as lime green  or gold chrome nail polish.Reds and Burgundy's silver, deep purple, and blackberry nailpolish.Eyes are blue eyeliner with smoky Eye and a pop of gold, with both outfits.Embellishments on black  dresses, for go to dressing jumpsuits and statement necklaces are key.

Foodie Friday: Beet Salad

Beets, yes I woke up the other day with beets on my mind.Beets Salad
Several beets from red and yellow.
Boil the bottoms or bulbs of the beets, until well done, but firm.
Slice beets and place on a bed of fresh argula.Cream goat cheese with thyme and chives and sprinkle over beets and argula.Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad.Serve with red wine.

Does It Last?

The latest rave is Sally Jenson Gel home manicure.I am sure you are wondering does it last?The average gel manicure lasts for two weeks, but does this product lasts this Long?The answer is Yes!Sally Henson has really come though with their top coat gel product, which is amazing. I was sold out on Julep's top coat, but Sally Henson comes out on top.That is our beauty spot update.Cheers!!!

What Does $40.00 buy you

Remember that show 40.00 a day with Rachel Ray.I wondered that as well, so one day I went to Rockefeller Centre, I bought a book, with a coupon. Then I needed a simple black dress for an event, H and M to the rescue, I then bought two pairs of earrings and a necklace.Lunch was half a Tuna club with water.And I still had 10.00 left that was put on a MetroCard.So that's what 40.00 a day can buy.Cheers to 40.00 for a weekly treat.


Everyone loves chocolate the French eat a piece every day.So, when I had an opportunity to sample the best chocolate in the World in NYC, I jumped at it....Where you ask?La Maison Du Chocolat in Manhattan's Upper East Side, near the Whitney and the Met.This location has a tasting room, where we learned and feasted.My favorite chocolate was a lemon infused chocolate and the passion fruit
macaroon was excellent, in between sips of water or tea or coffee, the conversation was pleasant and light.It was a summer afternoon in NYC,  with a great crowd and Chocolate.When you thought you couldn't eat anymore the host showed us how to make ganache, totally sinful and the consistency of a pudding. Plus, she gave us the recipe for ganache.One Word of caution, you should only have half bites and you can't eat all of the tasting.But, they do allow you to take home any unfinished samples and they provided all of us with a goodie bag.My besties are all getting holiday gifts from La Maison…

Beauty Spot: Revlon Color Stay

This week's beauty spot find is
Revlon Color Stay: Moisture StainThis product goes on as a liquid, as last for about 5 hours it does have a gloss, but not a high intensity gloss so you can wear this to work and for an evening out.The colors we chose is a brick red and a deep plum. Which goes well with all colors and skin tones, so kudos to Revlon, for a great lip product.Cheers to high quality and long lasting lip color!

Foodie Friday: Our Take On Lobster Rolls

In NYC we have the Red Hook Lobster Pound and Luke's Lobster, here's our take on the Lobster Roll.

Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat 5 lbs, for 4 people.

2 Finely diced Shallots
1/4 cup white wine
1 teaspoon of Dijion Mustard
1 teaspoon of Dill
1 teaspoon of Capers
2 Tablespoons of Mayonaise

Whisk until perfectly blended.

Fold in Lobster Meat and chill

Take Olive Oil and brush the rolls on top and put them face down on the grill until toasty.

When the buns are toasty, remove from grill and put in the lobster meat and serve with a salad and white wine.

Cheers to a great Lobster Roll!

BBQ's, Ice Cream and Lobster Rolls = Detox

As the summer draws to a close we must say so long to the summer favs, authentic BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, ice cream and lobster rolls.

But, hello Detox!!

This is my favorite detox drink:

1. One Bunch, fresh kale
2. One Bunch, fresh spinach
3. 5 Teaspooons ground flax seed.
4. Filtered water

In a blender or VitaMix, ground the flax seed first, then add kale and spinach until a smooth consistency and then add filtered water to thin out the mixture.

It makes a wonderful detox drink, drink once in the morning and after dinner amazing results. Your colon will thank you for this!!



Beauty Spot: Nail Tip

For this week's Beauty Spot, we are not trying any new products.

But we figured out a way to make your manicure last a lot longer.

1. Apply two coats of favorite nail color.

2. Let dry.

3. Apply Sally Hansen's Gel Nail Top Coat.

This works wonders in terms of making your manicure last and you have an amazing high gloss shine.

Cheers to a wonderful long lasting mani!

Fall Into Fashion

We are "falling" for everything...

We have joined the ranks of Keaton Row as stylist to bring you ladies, the best in fashion and saves you time every time we do a fashion pick, so as August heats up these are our picks for August.

You are make purchases directly from our carefully crafted lookbooks and join the Positivexpert Team as we "Fall Into Fabulous."

Here is the unique link for our positivexpert family, they are all the brands we love including Tory Burch, ASOS, YSL, and many more...

Being Positive starts with a great look!

Cheers to a great new positive wardrobe for August!

Foodie Friday: European Inspired Tapas Party

Every week in the Hamptons someone is having a party somewhere.

After you have been to a few, you are suppose have one before the season ends in mid- Sept.

This is what we came up after our travels:

1. Leek and Goat Cheese Tartlet--France

2. Gravlax Smoked Salmon on Toast Points-- Sweden

3. Fig and Proscioutto Flatbread with Balsamic Reduction on a Crispy Flatbread- Italy

4. Lamb Burger Sliders with Garlic Yogurt Sauce- Greece

5. Mushroom Ragu Tartlet--France

Beverage--- Champagne

Dessert--Crispy Waffle with fresh berry compote or fresh peach and apricot compote.--Belgium

Cheers to a great European Tapas party out East!

Fall Into Beauty: Discount from Our Friends at Spa Week

As you go back to work, or school. You need that one day to feel special about yourself.

Our Friends at Spa Week International want you to look and feel your best, so they are offering you a discount the next time you visit any of over 5,000 spas through Spa Week.

Use this unique code to claim this amazing discount:

Cheers to looking and feeling your best!

Back to Work: Back to Clean

Do you know most diseases are transmitted through a hand shake and poor hygiene.

I love to clean...

Here are some ways you can cut the germs and cut amount of colds one gets.

1. Everyone take off their shoes as they enter the home.

2. Take out the garbage everyday and spray can outside with an insect repellant.

3. Use Pine Sol Lavendar scent to mop and clean the bathroom at least once a month.

4. Everyday use Method products are they have the best hand soaps are always on sale at Target 3 for 8.00 and they have refills, plus it is environmentally safe.

5. Everyone who uses the toliet must swish afterwards, meaning they must use Anti Bacterial Toliet Cleaner with every use.

6. I clean my vanity everyday with Method Everyday Cleaner and at the end of the week with Method Glass Cleaner.

7. Have hardwood floors? Then Method cleaner for hardwood floors is the best as well. 2x a week for me!

Cheers to a clean home equals a clean body and mind!

Beauty Prep for Fall

Most people think that Fall is the time especially in the NE that you "fall" into lazy ways and not do your pedicure or skip the gym, and eat "heavy" because it is cold out.

For years I fell into that trap, which consisted of yo- yo dieting and bad eating habits.

However, here are ways in which you can stay beautiful and healthy all year round.

1. Use a scrub in the shower to exfoliate and a moisturizing body wash.

2. Use olive oil infused with lavendar seeds to seal in the moisture.

3. Drink lemon juice and hot water in the morning and in the evening to detox.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5. Exfolitate everyday and use a face mask 2x a week. This does wonders to the face.

6. Let go of stress!! Stress ages a person, plus you gain weight.

Those are my 6 Beauty Prep Steps for the Fall.

Beauty Spot: August Picks

So we are headed to the end of the hot steamy days of summer, and here are our picks for August:

1. Sally Hensen: Gel Manicure Set
Everyone got the coupon and so did we, we bought the set color and top coat. I bought the gold metalllaic and it was great! It did last as long as a regular gel mani without the harsh LED lighting that does cause skin cancer. Great find!

2. AHAVA: Camamoille and Mudd Mask:
This product is great!  The mudd mask is amazing it draws out all the impurities and after one use I saw the difference. My skin glowing and I put the Anti- Acne serum on by Renew. The results are amazing!

3. Camamoille and Lavendar Tea:
Why would a tea be considered a beauty pick, we can tell if a person is healthy by their skin. This tea acts and as anti- inflamatory and stress reliver so when our body is calm on the inside, the less trouble not only for internal organs, but for our skin. Also chill the tea bags and use the for puffy eyes.

Foodie Friday: Quinoa and Spicy Bean Salad

Go to any Carribbean country and they will serve peas and rice or beans and rice.

However as we learned the arsenic levels within rice can be dangerous. We found a great alternative that happens to be a superfood which is Quinoa.

It is prepared exactly like rice, but without the excessive starch and arsenic.

Here's our take on Beans and Rice:

1. Prepare Quinoa just like a rice rinse throughly.

2. Bring pot of water to a boil, add:
1. One chopped onion
2. One bunch of scallions
3. One bell pepper
4. 2 Tablespoon of Chilli Blend (Whole Foods)
5. Add Quinoa

3. When Quinoa is finished cooking add organic black beans

4. Cool and serve on a bed of tomato, greens, and cucumber

Cheers to a healthy and filling summer salad!