Welcome to Positvexpert

Welcome to PositivExpert,

This a forum for all things positive and all things possible, especially when it comes down to saving your money!

Let's face it we all want to able to travel on private planes and go to lavish parties and spend money like we are drinking water. However, that is not the reality for most of us and it is not the reality even for the very rich.

Yeah, you read correct, having been an event planner and worked on Wall Street for many of years, I can tell you even then most of the very wealthy wasn't living  the"in your face wealthy lifestyles." In fact most people you wouldn't recognize them if I pointed them out to you.

This forum is for anyone who wants to learn how to budget, how to plan than fab party for under $150.00, how to save as much as possible, and still live a great and satisfying life.

For entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders, we have great ways in which you can get donations for your business or cause, while still maintaining the focus of your business or non-profits mission.

So welcome to PositvExpert and stay tuned for awesome articles.


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