Buy for Fall NOW !!

It seems a bit strange that in the thick of July heat I am telling you to buy for winter.

However, while I was in the store for an amazing sale, when I noticed tons of high quality sweaters, puffer vests, etc. that were not used, but the inventory just didn't sell for whatever reason.

So, I bought some great high quality evening sweaters for fall and winter for under $30.00 total. One sweater I know I will wear when hosting my Apres Ski Party.

Now, only buy clothing, no beauty or food items. But, it may take some time to scour through the racks, but it so worth it when you do find the great deals, that can easily transition you to fall to winter.

Many styles really don't change such as gunmetal colors, gold tones, color blocking and black and white combinations.

So, next time you pass by clearance rack and see some high quality sweaters, don't hesitate to pick up especially if you are getting a 90 percent discount!

Cheers to savings!

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