Candle Safety

We talk a lot about candles and different scents; however we want everyone to be SAFE.

1. Always have your candle in a fire resistant bowl with water, of course don't submerge your candle, but have you candle floating this would contain any fires should the candle container break.

2. Never sleep with a candle.

3. Never lite a candle in the same room that your are doing your mani/pedi in because the fumes of the nail products can ignite a fire.

4. Never allow children near candles.

5. If you are hosting a dinner party light candles before the guests come at least three hours, when guests arrive, put the candles out, your room should be perfectly scented by then.

6. Lastly, always follow the burn instructions: Some candles have a 5 hour to 50 hour burn time, please respect the instructions.

Cheers to enjoying your candles responsibly!

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