Do You Really Need to Use that Coupon?

We live in a deal society.

Every day I get a min. of 5 e-mails from major department stores or flash sites about 20 percent off if I buy 75 dollars of clothing, or if you order something you get 30 dollars off your next purchase.

So one day, I did a gut check, do I really need to use these coupons?

Getting deals can be very addictive especially for quality items.

However, when is enough, enough...

My rude awakening came when my mail carrier started to violently throw boxes at my step or a package came destroyed.

thought it was her and rude behavior, until I began to examine why I was buying?

I already had enough summer clothes, I really needed fall clothing, but after that purchase, how many sample boxes do I need?

So, I had to part ways with my 30.00 department store coupon, and take a break from shopping, although I wasn't going into debt. But, it was time I stepped outside to wear all my summer purchases.

It was time to give this woman a break in terms of  her walking in the hot sun with a load to carry.

So, for now, I have put myself on a shopping fast. I truly enjoy life by having one of kind experiences, you can only get from going out and taking a walk in the park, or museum night, and moonlit beach walks.

So long deal clubs, flash sites, and sample sales... I gotta get to living!

Cheers to enjoying life!!


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