Half- Half Diet

We all heard the latest diet fads, juicing, cleanses, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

However, the majority of the reason why people relapse, when starting on a new eating plan, is they don't ease into it, its all or none.

When I was losing the majority of my weight, I still ate pizza with pepperoni, now I only eat homemade pizza that I make, with fresh veggies.

Here's the half/half diet:

Half Health/ Half Sin- this way you don't feel deprived in any way and relapse.
So if you like cutlets with pasta al vodka, this is how you would make it a half and half meal.

1. Use thinly cut organic chicken breasts with no antibiotics.
2. Instead of whole eggs, use eggs whites
3. Dredge in Italian bread crumbs.
4. Bake in a pan with olive oil, til crispy.
(Cut half the fat if you were to have deep fat fried the cutlets, and dredged them in whole eggs.)

Instead of regular penne, use whole wheat penne
Saute mushroom in olive oil with thyme and oregano.
When penne is al dente, coat with RAO's Vodka Sauce

For the pasta:
You get the health benefits of eating a whole grain, such as whole wheat
Mushrooms are a great anti-oxidant and you get your veggies
The sin is the pasta sauce, but RAO's sauce per 1/2 cup has only 80 calories and 240 grams of sodium.

Want to cut the sweets, but not sure of Agave Nectar or Stevia,

Half and Half Pie:
1. Take one jar of Blueberry Pie Filling-stonewallkitchen.com
2. Take 2 pints of Blueberries
3. Use Pie Mix-stonewallkitchen.com

Use 1/2 of the Blueberry Pie Filling and the 2 pints of blueberries so the pie filling is actually coating the fruit.

Half Health- 2 Pints of Blueberries
Half Sin- Pie Crust and Filling.

Need to Drink Water:
1. Cucumber and Lemon in Water is great and cooling.

Need to cut down on Beef but still want that juicy Hamburger Taste:
1. Edein Garden Burger on the Grill, with low fat cheese and ketchup on a whole wheat, bun excellent!!

I think you got the point Half/Half satisfies but does not deprive !

Cheers to good health!!


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