House Guests and Intimacy

What do you when you and hubby just came back from the beach and you and him are both in the mood?
What's the big deal it is your summer home right?
Yeah, but this was week you invited guests, ugh...
Well, it depends if the houseguests are young children, teens, or adults.
In cases where you want a little intimacy before dinner, but there are young children and teens around, I suggest you and yours take it to bathroom, you both have to shower before dinner anyway, and the bathroom will be locked with running water--drowning out the noise...And one adult leave the bathroom full dressed.
You should never do anything around children or young adults that would open up Pandora's Box, sex, alcohol, smoking, etc.
Also, if you are in a relationship and someone who has children make certain to keep your bedroom doors locked! It is traumatic if you ever walked in on your parents, imagine a child walking in on someone who isn't Mommy and Daddy.
As for adults, people over 30, once again keep your doors locked. Everyone is mature and if you are in love it is automatically assumed that you have passion for each other, intimate moments are expected.
Cheers to having a great summer and great intimacy even with house guests!

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