How to End Summertime Bloating

Most people think summertime is the ideal time to get away go to beach.

However, in order to keep up that summertime beach figure here are a few tips to avoid bloating.

1. Limit BBQ, I know everyone is having a BBQ or grilling something; however many sauces especially dry rubs are loaded with sodium, which causes water retention.

2. Limit Alcohol, I am not telling anyone to have cold Margarita, however it is important to limit alcohol consumption, because again it contributes to water retention.

3. Increase Water Intake, especially those hot days at the beach or pool, you need will be perspiring and the fluids need to be replenished. So increase that water.

4. Increase Fruit Intake, especially watermelon, watermelon is great for bloating issues because it is a natural diuretic.

5. Limit sun exposure- Many people love to spend hours sunbathing but aside from skin cancer risks, the sun and heat does have people to retain water.

Those are some helpful tips, so you can end summertime bloating.

Cheers to a healthy summer!

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