July 4th Menu

July 4th, is here and everyone is looking forward to your annual get together.

Here is a menu that I put together that is healthy and hearty at the same time.

Lobster and Pasta Salad
2 pounds cooked lobster meat
1 box of whole wheat pasta penne will do
2 boxes of plump assorted cherry tomato's
3 ears of golden corn
1 bunch of asparagus
1 bunch of fresh dill
1 container of plain Greek yogurt
1 juice of lemon

Chop the lobster meat into bite size pieces and set aside in the fridge

1. Cook your penne pasta into boiling hot water with olive oil.
2. Grill your corn and asparagus on the hot grill

When pasta and veggies are cooked, allow to cool for at least 15 min.

1. Yogurt
2. Dill
3. Lemon Juice
4. Capers- (I know I just threw those in!)

In a large serving bowl, mix lobster meat, pasta and veggies with dressing, until well coated, but not excessive, chill until arrive.

Grilled Flank Steak
For the meat eaters of the world. Marinade steak with olive oil, parsley, cumin, garlic, turmeric, and black pepper overnight.

Grill steak medium well, 20 min. before guests arrive.

For the vegans!

Grilled Veggies with Pesto over Penne

1. Take a variety of seasonal veggies and grill them in pouches with olive oil and garlic.
2. Make or use jar of quality pesto
3. Boil pasta until cooked and drain
4. Mix veggies, pesto and pasta all together, all at once.
5. Serve will fresh grated cheese on the side.

Cheers to a tasty and healthy meal that even the meat lovers in your family will like!

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