Scent Alert London Calling!!

So by now, you know that I love scents, I find them very relaxing and soothing.

I was walking by Bath and Body Works, of course I had to go inside.

It is/was there annual Semi- Annual Sale and as you walk in they give you a 20 percent coupon.


However, the scents that I chose wasn't on sale, but for a stressed fill week, you would want to invest in these two candles.

1. Watermelon Lemonade- Citrus with a subtle hint of fruit. 3 votives for 10.00 plus a discount, great for homemade spa day.

2. London!! This scent is AMAZING in terms of the citrus scent of lemon that does not smell like citronella (bug repellant)

So a large London candle plus 3 Watermelon Citrus all for $26.50!!!


Cheers to the wonders of scents.

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