Summer Foodie Week: Loaded Potato Salad

We had this last summer and it was great, but don't eat it every day.

Loaded Potato Salad:
1. 1 lb. cleaned and scrubbed New Potato's cut in half
2. 1 lb. thick slab of cured Hickory smoked bacon
3. 1 container of Greek Yogurt
4. 1/4 lb. of sharp cheddar cheese
5. 1 bunch of diced scallions

Roast New Potato's in the oven til tender, coat them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
While New Potato's are roasting, fry til crispy the Hickory Smoked bacon
When the bacon is finished frying, then drain on paper towel
After the potato's are finished roasting, allow them to cool.

Mix in a big bowl:
1. Potato's
2. Bacon
3. Greek Yogurt
4. Cheddar Cheese (sharp is great)
5. Scallions

Mix till well blended and chill until guests arrive. Once again, this should only be eaten once a year!

Cheers to Loaded Potato Salad!

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