Summer Soiree's: What to Bring??

Now that it is official, in terms of the summer house season, many of you will be getting invites to attend every one's soiree.

Here is a guide to what to bring:

Couples Night: You and your boyfriend and three other couples.
Bring a nice vase- you can get from, everyone brings flowers, wine, or dessert. I once went to a dinner party and the room looked like a florist with every one's flowers, that the host ended up giving an arrangement to the senior citizen's center the next day.
Charity Night:
Especially, in the Hampton's everyone is having a soiree to benefit a charity. I have an extremely short list of charities I support, but in any case for these events, a case of the best bubbly would do, Verve Cliquot never hurts, with a nice note sorry we can't attend the event, but please add this to the festivities.
Surprisingly, some people have great potlucks in the summer and it is a time to bring your bring your best dish. Ask ahead what to bring and bring that dish, with some takeout containers for the other guests.
Your Significant Others Parents House:
You have been dating for a while, and your boyfriend feels it is time to bring you to the parents. What do you get them? I would get the mother a nice piece of crystal- two doves or two hummingbirds, a crystal vase, or a crystal fruit bowl. These gifts always go over well, you really don't know anyone dietary restrictions--food is out, scented candles- they could be annoyed by the smell, anything too personal without a marriage license reads you are trying way too hard.

 Don't forget a handwritten note in the mail within 24 hours after the event.

Cheers to enjoying summer soiree's!

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