Taking Care of Summer Hair

You spent a fortune on those highlights or partials so why not take care of it, even while you are on vacation.

1. Any stylist will tell you those who have highlights, must deep condition their hair every week. So the products we found to be the best for this are Fredric Fakkai, his entire line is great, but his deep conditioner for color treated hair is amazing!

2. Also when you are going swimming in a pool or the ocean, always put conditioner in it first, this will help prevent breakage from the chlorine and sea salt. Of course after your swim, rise your hair thoroughly.

3. Avoid flat irons and keratin treatments, they will make your hair look like straw.

4. If you have extensions or pieces for fullness, only wear them on special occasions, the heat from those things causes your scalp to sweat and in the worse case you may get an infection, your scalp needs AIR!

Cheers to taking care of those summer locks!

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