VIP Fab Fit Fun Box Review

Everyone  loves to get a little something special in the mail.

You know I am a big fan of the Must Have Boxes, however the VIP Fab Fit Fun Box curated by Juliana Rancic is totally amazing.

It is 49.99, I know a bit steep for some, but it is sent out every quarter, so every season you get the top of the line products from someone who knows a lot about products.

For the summer box:

1. Evian Facial Spray- We are having a heat wave in NYC, so a little spritz, keeps the body temperature way down.

2. Pur-lisse- Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Make Up Remover:
 Even though I don't wear foundation in the summer, the product is amazing and really leaves your face clean and fresh.

3. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes:
I put these in the fridge in a Ziploc and whenever I am ready to go out, then I put them in my bag, once again on NYC subway can be gross, so I just pop one out before I go my destination and it leaves me totally refreshed.

4. Ivory and Mason Eyewear:
This came in so handy because I lost my sunglasses last week, they are UV protected and comes in blue and is totally amazing. I can wear them all over and look cool.

5. Infinity Sun- Glow On the Go:
Another amazing product, baking in the sun is a big no- no! But if you want the bronze look without look scary, this is the product!

6. Catalina Su Lip Gloss:
This brand actually comes from Juliana's own make up artist. The color I go was nude which I layer over a red to tone down the brightness but still give a nice shimmer.

7. Orly Nail Polish:
The nail polish of all the celebs. Just came in handy because I have an event where I am wearing an Orange sequin dress, totally appropriate because the color is a neon orange.

8. It Hair Care- Surf Spray
Want to max out on the beach wavy look, then by all means this is an amazing product, gives you go those beach waves because of Sea Salt in the product.

9. KIND Bars:
When you are running around and need a quick pick me up KIND Bars in Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt is the way to go.

So, for a major quarterly treat, I would recommend the VIP FFF box, totally worth it.

Cheers to the VIP FFF Box!!

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