Lessons of Reality TV

I know you are thinking? How can Reality TV teach you anything?

Trust me it can, I had the Spring Bug, so I was home bound for a week on antibiotics, OJ, and chicken soup.

I decided to watch some TV, any way after marathons of RHONY, Married to Medicine, and Naked in the Jungle (No, it's not porn)

Here are the lessons that I learned:

1. People no matter what age or income bracket want to liked and loved by everyone.

2. Don't ever tell people your personal secrets, certain are best to be kept between you and God.

3. Back to number one, not everyone is going like or respect you. I once heard someone say if you go into a room and assume that 20 percent of the people there are not going to like you then you eliminated the hurt from rejection.

4. There are better and safer ways to earn a living than going into a jungle with a stranger naked. The show is on the National Geographic Channel.

5. Lastly, know when to leave the party, some story lines and people who are on these shows make it a career, and in fact one person in Manhattan Society Life told me, she will not go to an event if any of the RHONY members are present.

Cheers to 20 percent rule, keeping your secrets safe with you, and knowing when to leave the party!

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