Prom Time Essentials

Your daughter is finally getting OUT of your house and going off to college.

But, next to sending her off to college is PROM!!

Tickets, hair, makeup and the dress can cost the equivalent of a small wedding, however here are some savings that we thought you should know about.

1. The Red Door Spa has 20 percent off spa services when your daughter presents her High School ID and is accompanied by an adult.

2. If you are in NYC Rogue NYC which is founded by a makeup artists prices vary from 40.00 to 60.00 for all out glam.

3. Prom dresses can be very expensive as well, we found great amazing deals on clearance at Don't laugh when I wore one of these dresses, everyone thought I paid an obscene amount of money for the dress.

4. One last tip which is a safety tip make certain, you turn on the GPS function of her phone unbeknownst to her before she leaves for night out.

5.OK, another safety tip make certain the drivers of party buses, limos' Suburbans all have clean driving records, you can ask the company for the drivers name and license number before the big, if they decline then go with another company.

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