Sticking to a Budget

What are the essentials of a budget?

It is a plan a list of goals to help you achieve financial solvency and wealth.

How do I stick to a budget, when there are terrific sales all around me and I really NEED to go to that conference?

Delay gratification, if you are a hard worker opportunities will present themselves where you wouldn't have to pay to go an event.

Before, you need to go to that sample sale, etc., take inventory of your closet nine times out of ten you really don't need another purchase.

By using delayed gratification you are simply trusting the universe to bring you everything you need at the right time.

It also instills discipline, no I am not going to buy another piece of clothing, go out to eat, or to a paid event, or order a subscription box.

Trust me when you wait on divine timing everything begins to line up.

Cheers to trusting and delayed gratification!

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