Why We Are All Connected

During the 2010 Season of the Oprah Show, she featured a man by the name of Tom Shadyac, who is a filmmaker, and who had a life changing experience and made a documentary "I AM."

I AM is a film that shows how we are all connected in this world, when major life altering events occur such as 9-11, or the major Tsunami in Indonesia scientist measured how the world reacted.

What relevance does this have to you and me?

Ever wondered if you what you are going through a divorce, challenges with an elderly parent was unique to you, no it's not. Everything human emotion that you have ever felt or will feel someone on this Earth has felt it before.

A friend of mine was discussing the fact that she thought for so long she was adopted because the way on of parents treated her and finally decided to confront her parents and let them know it was OK, she knew that she was adopted and accepted their treatment.

They both looked at her and laughed, and assured her that they were both her biological parents. She asked herself, if I am both their biological child, then why does one treat me so bad. She never got the answer but it talking to her she shared with me that she was sure other people had similar experiences.

Fast forward.... I ran into another friend same experience, they don't each other in fact one lives in another state.

Point, we are all connected...same story different people, so if you are wondering that you are some weird person, chances are some one had the same experience as you some where on this earth.

You can buy I AM at amazon.com to get the full experience and be assured that we are all connected.

Cheers to connections!!

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