Positivexpert Persons of 2014

Just like Time Magazine has there Person of the Year, Positivexpert  has our PEOPLE of the year.

Our first person, is Michelle Javian, CEO of Harboring Hearts.
I met Michelle five years ago right after her father lost his battle with heart disease and she has devoted the last five years making sure that heart disease and the families that it affects are not forgotten. Many people start a charity and have fundraisers, but Michelle not only has "great parties", but she and her team go into hospitals and have craft days with pediatric patients and provide there parents with meals. This Spring New York Magazine named her the Top 20 in Philanthrophy.
Her ability not to stay stuck in grief but use her father's memory as a fuel to help others  is why she is one of our PERSON'S of the year.
You can visit her organizations website at harboringhearts.org, her Spring Soiree is coming up and now is a good time to show off your great bods.

The second person who shares this honor is my cousin Kecia Francis Taylor, ok that's way bias, I know, but Kecia has a sense of resillency that is almost like Superman. When we were younger, we were in a car accident and she had tramautic brain injury; however she still excelled in school and always was a happy person. When she was 21 she had another car accident this time the whole family was in prayer for a year. But Kecia returned to college studied in Spain, is fluent in French and now lives in the Bahamas with her wonderful husband Jevon and has her own international business.

The key to these women is that they did not remain stuck in a negative situation. Michelle's ability to show compassion and Kecia's ability to live life to the fullest; show that resillency and the ability to change your story and create a wonderful life for yourself is the key to living.

Cheers to our Persons of 2014!

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