Summer/ Early Fall Wedding Season Trends

Congrats to everyone who has found true love, we at Positivexpert believe in it!

Here is what we came up with for the season.

Bridal Shower Ideas:
Create a "This is Your Life" movie for the bride with her historic moments and with her courtship to her fiancee.

Have the Mother of the Bride present the bride with a special heirloom and speech at the shower.

Create a Lingerie Show where her fiance picks out great pieces for the honeymoon, arange it as a trunk show, then tell her she can only pick one piece. When her fiance shows up, he tells her that is one of his surprises all of the lingerie is for her.

Triva Pursuit Anyone--Create a trivia game for the Bride based on what you know of the couple, where did they first meet, first date, etc.

Have the women of the grooms family present her with a "Welcome to the Family" a book of his their traditions, recipes, who gets to host which dinner, what does it mean when they say certain things.

Instead of Gift Certificates for the Bridesmaids:
Bridesmaids Tea where all the bridesmaids are honored, book it in a hotel this way they can get mani/pedi's the day of the rehersal dinner. Bacherlorette Parties are so unclassy and is past their prime.

Cheers to a fab wedding and a lifetime of marriage!

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