There Are Exceptions: Sports World

Everyone in the United States has heard about the horrible comments that a NBA owner has made and now a popular owner who is somewhat of a media personality.

However, I was in Rockerfeller Center the night of the NFL Drafts and every media outlet was there, the loyal fans, the team owners, you knew this was an exclusive event.

Then, when I was sitting in the plaza of Rockerfeller Center, I noticed a group of men, these men were clearly homeless, but as I looked closely they all had NFL Access landyards and was eating the sponsors pizza--Pappa Johns.

The men were happy and talked football as though they should have been commentators. All of the men were allowed to into Radio City Music Hall, where the event was taking place and as they entered the frenzy of the event.

I thought to myself whomever gave these men these passes and allowed them to feel an ounce of human dignity, out shadowed the negativity of the blanant and covert ill that unfortunately plagues this society.

Cheers to whomever gave those men the passes so they can feel as though they are a part of American society!

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