Father's Day Picks

Ok, Father's Day is next week, however most DONT want TIES!

The trend most want to get into the kitchen, build things, nautical and read!!!

I know you are thinking BBQ, but the trend is Ice Cream Making, when I was in the William Sonoma store for an Ice Cream Making demonstration, it was mostly guys.
for $44.00 you can get an ice cream starter- flavors are Mocha Chip, Vanilla Caramel, and Strawberry. an individual ice cream maker, and a small box of toppings.

Building Things:
The trend is not big home improvement projects, but small things on their down time, such as recreating a Viking Boat, which you can get at Barnes and Noble for 14.95.

Another trend is nautical, anything from sailing courses, knot tieing courses, and kayaking. Ok, your man is not into that Hornblower just relaunched amazing Dinner and Brunch cruises.

On a lazy Sunday most men aside from the paper want to read things that interest them, if it is Civil War, The Vikings, think anything on the History Channel, they would want to read.

Cheers to an amazing Father's Day!

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