Northside Festival Highlights

It was a week since every hipster, entreprenuer, and corporate exec descended upom Willamsburg, Brooklyn.

This was by far the best meeting of intellectual capital on all perspectives.

Entertainment Panel: Creating Fandom
Anyone who is trying to create or pitch a show needed to be at this panel. The execs from Digital Marketing and Digital Audience engagement from Vh1 and Comedy Central gave great insight on how writers should engage and think about there audiences first and create a digital community where they can interact with the fans. Fans equal MONEY.

Design Anyone?
This panel was standing room only. Design and product development is big, not only are investors looking for the next big thing in tech but design has a lot to do with creating sustainable products. One innovator the creator of MY BELL studied design and has an awesome product that customizes bell sounds for your bike. Why is that important because the average bike bell is at a low decible, so you can create your own bell sound that can be heard among the noisy streets and this is good for people who are hearing impaired.

Real Estate Anyone?
Native Brooklynite an VC innovator Charlie O'Donnell gave great reasons why entreprenuers should use Brooklyn co-working spaces and how the landscape of Brooklyn is evolving into the center of innovators. He pointed out that the Founder of Etsy started in a small simple work space in Brooklyn. He also pointed out that more VC's are willing to come to Brooklyn to find and work with entreprenuers.

Anyone Love Fashion and Beer?
Brooklyn Brewery was one of the main sponsors of the festival and for me it was awesome to be in Brooklyn Brewery because I saw it on the Food Network. How does that relate to fashion? The co- founder of Rent The Runway Jennifer Fleiss gave an insightful talk on how she and her co-founder took the business from an idea to a multi-million dollar business. She also talks about the power of sending random e-mails, there first mentor was Diane Von Furstenberg, not bad for a random e-mail. She also spoke about again what does your customer want? At first they were only going to be an online shop now they have showrooms at Henri Bendel's, SoHo even Las Vegas. The important take away is if you have a great idea be sure to test it first with your potential market not family and friends, but have focus groups, create online contest where people can create and exchange ideas around your product and brand.

On the Lighter Note: Entertainment!
Vh1 Launched: Make A Band which the top 24 bands around the country competed for 24 hours, they were mentored by the best names within the industry. The comeptition was fierce and bands were eliminated one by one, then the top bands competed infront of music icons such as Natasha Bettingfield. Hence another elimation until there was a winner that band was awarded a recording contract with Republic Recording and a feature on Vh1 Make The Band. This was all live streamed on and on the Vh1 app, this way you can find out which band one.

The tents were buzzing with hot start ups like Zady--ethically sourced products, the new indidivual health insurance Oscar, and products where you can grow your own organic veggies by the makers of Miracle-Gro. Awesome!

Northside Media kudos to you because you did an outstanding job, these were only highlights, but the rest of weekend featured more great bands and tasty bites.

Cheers to Northside, New York's answer to SXSW!

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