What Is Friendship?

Talking to a neighbor of mine, who says besides works he doesn't have friends.

Well, why? He told me that people are extremely draining and he refuses to allow anyone in his life who would drain or disturb his peace.

Then, I remembered a quote someone gave me a long time ago, it said "A friend wants nothing from you, but everything for you."

I told him that the best relationship, I ever had was when I would spend the weekend with my boyfriend and for hours he did his thing and I did mine seperately.

I reminded him that friends or any relationship does not have to draining if each party respects the each other and can simply enjoy the shared time with each other.

So if you are in a relationship where you are doing all the giving and feeling drained or can't freely communicate without insult, then it's not a relationship.

Remember "Friends want everything for you, but nothing from you.

Cheers to true friendship!

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