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Getting Ready for the New Year: Nails

Now that Family Holidays are over, and we are looking to party, here is $21.00 that is worth spending.

We went to our local drug store:

1. Revlon's:
Chameleon color is great is glistens it has a great shine to it with gold, bronze, and green overlays. This will compliment any dress or any jumpsuit.

2. Sally Hensen's Double Duty:
This is a great top coat in that it gives a great shine and if you want a great base coat when you are not using a nail pigment, this is a great base coat.

3. Cuticle Trimmer:
If you go to salon's please bring your own cuticle trimmer. This is a great investment, push back cuticle trimmer is great and won't damage your cuticles.

So, this is how we can get into the Spirit of the New Year.

Positivexpert's 2014 Realizations

2014 was one heck of a learning experience for us, here are our life realizations:

1. People with Class or NO Class:
When it comes to people we realized that class has NO race, ethnicity or income level.

2. Happiness:
Rich and poor people are unhappy. Happiness is a state of mind not bank account statement.
We had so much fun extreme couponing as well attending Spa Events at The Plaza.

3. Giving and Receiving:
Giving is awesome and leaves us feeling great that we made a difference in someone else's life; however there comes a time when the giver must RECEIVE, be open to receive all what life has to offer.

4. Cut Your Losses Early:
When it comes to investing your time in people or business deals, if you get a negative feeling about anyone or anything, get out of the situation as soon as possible. It's good to be positive but when someone sabotages your first assignment, then get out as soon as possible.

5. Mind Your Business:
Only if you are an eyewitness to something, THEN SAY some…

Designer Spotlight: Luke Swanson: Tripty

We caught up with the San Francisco based designer Luke Swanson, amid his busy schedule to tell us about his unique fashion line Tripty.

Tripty is a wonderful fashion line that is made by artisan women of Bangladesh, I had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful line at a fashion presentation sponsored by Fashion Group International, the global trade association of all fashion designers, textile makers, buyers, and press.

Tripty  designs can be found at purchased at Luke's holiday picks for us are Kantha Quilts. The quilts are made of Upcycled Saari and are individually designed and stitched by rural artisan women. Kantha means "story" in Bangla and these items truly carry with them the unique personality of the artisan who created it the garment. They are also wonderfully colorful so they make a wonderful addition to any living space. For those looking for something smaller, however, we have a variety of small clutches, which are perfect as a stocking stuffer.

DIY: Sugar, Lavender and Coconnut Scrub

Many people especially pregnant women suffer from a form of high blood pressure.

I recently made for myself a wonderful sugar scrub

It is the following:

1. 4 cups Demerrara Sugar
2. 1 cup Virgin Coconut Oil
3. 1 drop Lavender Oil (Pick Up Essential Oils from any Whole Foods)

Blend til a paste consistency and store in an air tight container, til ready to use.

The result are amazing and wonderful for your skin and body.

Cheers to taking good care of your skin!

The Winning Combination: Rose Hip Oil and Tory Burch Fragrance

We are easing our stress levels this month and scents always, put me in a wonderful state.

We tried Rose Hip Oil from Marilyn Spas, use it just after you have stepped out of the shower massage it into your skin for a good glisten.

The scent will put you pack to sleep. However, just when you are getting ready to put on your clothing the most light floral scent is Tory Burch.

The combination of the Rose Hip Oil and the Rollerball scent of Tory Burch fragrance will have you in a relaxed state for the rest of the day.

Completely amazing in terms the combination and the Rose Hip Oil is great for circulation.

So when you think scents go light and you will always be in a relaxed state.

Cheers to smelling and de-stressing at the same time!

Achieving the Nude or Non- Make Up Look

This is going to be the craze for a while so we decided to play around with make up to achieve that NUDE look.

1. After you cleanse and use sunscreen

2. Cheeks- We used Tarte Amazon Clay Blush-

3. Eyes- Soft line of liquid eyeliner, then a gold/bronze eye shadow, curl the lashes.

4. Lip- We used a touch of concealer and a nude lip gloss this happened to be Charlotte Ronson

The results we subtle yet amazing!

We loved the look...Using products that we already have!

Cheers to the non-make-up look!

Beauty Fix: Aloe Plant

Many women are known to have acne, sunburn, or even a simple cut.

Nature's best cure for any burns, even burns that occur in the salon if you have had any chemically treated hair is the gel from the aloe plant.

This is nature's true secret and it can be found in ethnic particularly Latin American stores.

I did have a terrible bout with acne this summer and powders just masked the problem until I stumbled upon this wonder plant.

Every time I would wash my face, cut a piece of aloe and use the gel as a toner. The properties within the plant calmed the inflammation of the break out.

Also, I used it when I got sunburned, amazingly cooling effect, but it works.

Even when you get your waxing, you should use this to reduce the inflammation.

And yes people get acne in the winter.

Cheers to nature's beauty and the wonder plant to reduce inflammation!

Don't Wait for New Year's: Start on Goals NOW

Many people wait until New Years Day to start on the goals for 2015.

However, if you begin the practice NOW, when January, 2015 comes you will be well ahead of your goals.

Career Assessment:
Thinking about a new career or launching a business. Book an appointment with a licensed career counselor NOW and attend the sessions from now.
Thinking about launching a business, there are still pitch sessions available with major entrepreneurial VC backed accelerators or attend there Christmas parties, or other alumni groups other than your own school.

I now eat at least one super food a day. I prepare my own foods, from baking to making juices. And I now mediate at least 15- 20 min. a day. And I am very aware of my environment and what I bring to the table. What you put out in the world is what you get back. If you put out timidity and weakness, you will get the biggest sharks and abusers in your life. If you put out confidence not arrogance then you get people who will understand and …

Where to Go to De- Stress this Season

We were fortunate enough to be invited to amazing spa events this past week.

Everyone talks about Holiday Stress, but sometimes you have to actually go some place calming to de stress.

The spa events that we attended were:

Caudalie NYC at The Plaza Hotel:
The premise of Caudalie is all there products are wine based and that the compounds found in red wine are ideal for beauty. So, did our experience constituent a return visit? As soon as you enter the doors of Caudalie, you are greeted  by a wonderful person man or woman with a great smile, and ushered into a large waiting room that is dimly lit and of course they serve 1/8 of a glass of white or red wine. You are then taken away to your spa treatment, which ladies Auggie the Chilean God of Massage will take out every kink in your body, in a warm and gentle way. However, if stressed book an massage with Auggie at Caudalie NYC at the Plaza it will change your life.

Exhale Spa Upper East Side:
Museums, Central Park, intimate cafes, the pe…

Beauty Fix: Coconut Oil

Many people have made claims about coconut oil. It is the wonder oil or super food.

So I wanted to know if this claim was true or not, so I bought organic coconut oil and for a couple weeks I used it instead of lotion or any night creams.

Is it greasy and will it may your face shine?
Absolutely not, it is truly nature's best oil. My skin is soft and has a healthy glow and you cannot see me a mile away, so it will not make your face shine.

Does it work well with makeup?
It does work well with any makeup and with any brand of makeup.

Will I smell like coconut all day long?
What is so great about coconut oil is that it does not clash with any perfume, so you can where your preferred scent with it and no one will know that you moisturized with coconut oil.

We love organic coconut oil. It is nature's best remedy for dry skin.

Mix Media Dressing for the Holidays

What does mix media dressing mean?

Well, it is a term that I invented it mean mixing styles, fabrics and colors to create a cohesive but one of a kind look.

Look number one:

Vintage poncho sweater
Vegan Leather Pants
High Heel Booties
Headpiece jewelry

Look number two:
White Flare Pants
Black bolero jacket
Peach  Turtleneck
High heel Peach Floral Shoes

Look number three:
Metallic Sarong
Metallic Tights
Cashmere Black Body Suit
Black Patent Leather Shoes

Get the picture take what you have from different seasons and era's and put your own spin on it, that is what mix media dressing is that won't have you look like a clown.


Fashion Fix: Was Black Friday Worth It?

Many cynics would say Black Friday Deals are a farce and a way to make you go into debt.

After looking online for the best deals and in between baking and prepping for my holiday party, the critics were so wrong!

The best Black Friday Deals that I happen to get:

1. Macy's:
5 Soft texture turtlenecks in a variety of colors from sky blue, camel, white, gray, and peach all for 9.99 each the quality is amazing.
But, that's not all I got 3 cowl neck sweaters for the cold winter months for 14.99
A head piece of pearls and rhinestones for 6.99
And vegan leather pants for 23.00 take an additional 15 percent off.

So, to brighten up my wardrobe with pops of color and be weather appropriate all this for 100.00.


2. Sephora
Sephora had the best gifts out:
Art of Shaving Kit was 10.00 normally 25.00
Chole Travel Size perfumes were 15.00 for 2 bottles

3. Ulta
Bare Minerals Eye Shadows 5 for 15.00
Tarte 12 days of Christmas was 37.00 for full size products including there amazing …

Weekly Holiday Detox

Most of us wait for the after the holidays to do the detox and start to eat healthy and get our sanity back.

But after seeing the scale last year go not in the direction that I would want, I figured out a way to detox during the holiday season.

1. Every morning drink 1 cup of  hot lemon water.

2. Exercise every day even if you walk on the treadmill for 30 min. at the gym, do you know that trying to go to certain classes, and get a specific workout regimen in heightens anxiety and raises blood pressure.

3. Drink a green juice every other day or 3x a week.

4. When you do go holiday shopping schedule time to take in the scenery-- the holiday lights in NYC are amazing or if you are going mall shopping-- go to a mall where you can go to dine-in restaurant.

5. Don't go to holiday parties 2 or 3 days in a row.
6. Laugh even at yourself at all times.

Cheers to a wonderful detoxing holiday season!

Exclusive Interview with Sandra Maguarian--Co-Founder Make Up Expos

The world of beauty expands and is one of the markets that has proven to whether economic recessions,  having attended the first Make Up New York expo in 2010, and since it's amazing growth this year, we were honored to interview the Co- Founder of the regional "Make- UP" expos, Sandra Maguarian.

Ms. Maguarian is based in Paris, France and she came from an event planning background after doing careful market analysis of the beauty market she noticed a trend, everything the beauty market was becoming more concentrated so she and her Co- Founder came up with regional beauty expos that would target the product, packaging, and innovation of beauty products.

What makes Make-Up expos different from other larger conferences and expos?
Our expos meets the demands of founders who wanted to go beyond the traditional international faire model and innovate to bring optimal service to clients and exhibitors in a more intimate setting.
The major reason why our regional expos work, …

Fashion Fix: Adding color into Your Winter Wardrobe

If you live in the NYC everyone is in black, dark brown or some dark color till now until March.

Here our take on punching up your wardrobe with color.

Wine color sweaters: add a coral tank underneath with coral and orange earrings, works every time.

Black sweaters and turtlenecks: Bright yellow earrings and bracelets, with bright yellow nails.

Winter White: Pale pink, baby blue, and for the evening sliver

Brown sweaters: Red tanks or turtlenecks along with Orange and Magenta

Instead of plain black tights: Use metallic tights in black, sliver and gold, awesome!!

Beauty: Nude eyes with a touch of shimmer, thick line on top of the lid, with liquid eyeliner, full brows, with a pink lip.

Excellent ways to bring joy into your severe winter wardrobe.

Cheers to a POP of color!