Beauty Fix: Aloe Plant

Many women are known to have acne, sunburn, or even a simple cut.

Nature's best cure for any burns, even burns that occur in the salon if you have had any chemically treated hair is the gel from the aloe plant.

This is nature's true secret and it can be found in ethnic particularly Latin American stores.

I did have a terrible bout with acne this summer and powders just masked the problem until I stumbled upon this wonder plant.

Every time I would wash my face, cut a piece of aloe and use the gel as a toner. The properties within the plant calmed the inflammation of the break out.

Also, I used it when I got sunburned, amazingly cooling effect, but it works.

Even when you get your waxing, you should use this to reduce the inflammation.

And yes people get acne in the winter.

Cheers to nature's beauty and the wonder plant to reduce inflammation!

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