Beauty Fix: Coconut Oil

Many people have made claims about coconut oil. It is the wonder oil or super food.

So I wanted to know if this claim was true or not, so I bought organic coconut oil and for a couple weeks I used it instead of lotion or any night creams.

Is it greasy and will it may your face shine?
Absolutely not, it is truly nature's best oil. My skin is soft and has a healthy glow and you cannot see me a mile away, so it will not make your face shine.

Does it work well with makeup?
It does work well with any makeup and with any brand of makeup.

Will I smell like coconut all day long?
What is so great about coconut oil is that it does not clash with any perfume, so you can where your preferred scent with it and no one will know that you moisturized with coconut oil.

We love organic coconut oil. It is nature's best remedy for dry skin.

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