Don't Wait for New Year's: Start on Goals NOW

Many people wait until New Years Day to start on the goals for 2015.

However, if you begin the practice NOW, when January, 2015 comes you will be well ahead of your goals.

Career Assessment:
Thinking about a new career or launching a business. Book an appointment with a licensed career counselor NOW and attend the sessions from now.
Thinking about launching a business, there are still pitch sessions available with major entrepreneurial VC backed accelerators or attend there Christmas parties, or other alumni groups other than your own school.

I now eat at least one super food a day. I prepare my own foods, from baking to making juices. And I now mediate at least 15- 20 min. a day. And I am very aware of my environment and what I bring to the table. What you put out in the world is what you get back. If you put out timidity and weakness, you will get the biggest sharks and abusers in your life. If you put out confidence not arrogance then you get people who will understand and respect you. If you put out love and beauty despite weight or looks that is who you will attract.

Who doesn't need an Undercover Boss, a Fairy God Mother, a Real Santa Claus in their life? But, this year we had so much fun doing extreme couponing. We cut our operating expenses to over 50 percent. The key to "attracting" wealth is respecting the value of money, satisfying our own basic needs, and giving to those who need it the most. Most people give gifts to people they can't stand out of obligation, and that is the worst. If you are a reformed compulsive giver like myself, give to people who could never repay you, do a big lunch at a homeless shelter or Christmas cookie party at the Ronald Mc Donald House, etc. This is how you truly attract opportunities and wealth.

Personal Space:
Get rid of anyone who is a constant complainer, gossiper, and generally can't be happy for anyone else but themselves. Those people I deem as having spiritual cancer, they relish in negativity, I knew of this one person who when the phone rang always had some bad news or called every 3 hours to give an update on a situation that did not involve immediate family members. Another person is the information hoarder, they brag about who and what they know constantly, but when you ask them for help they "will get back to you." Again get these people out of your life immediately.

If this is the year you want to start dating someone, then stop going to spa and beauty nights events. Go to events that interest you and your more likely to find someone with similar interests.

So, those are all what we learned this year, and we are not waiting to for Jan. 1, 2015 to start on our goals. Our goals start now and we are not waiting.

Cheers to ending the year great and going into the New Year even better!

So, yes forget the budget, forget the diet diary, or the schedule of gym classes, those things create more angst that eve

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