Exclusive Interview with Sandra Maguarian--Co-Founder Make Up Expos

The world of beauty expands and is one of the markets that has proven to whether economic recessions,  having attended the first Make Up New York expo in 2010, and since it's amazing growth this year, we were honored to interview the Co- Founder of the regional "Make- UP" expos, Sandra Maguarian.

Ms. Maguarian is based in Paris, France and she came from an event planning background after doing careful market analysis of the beauty market she noticed a trend, everything the beauty market was becoming more concentrated so she and her Co- Founder came up with regional beauty expos that would target the product, packaging, and innovation of beauty products.

What makes Make-Up expos different from other larger conferences and expos?
Our expos meets the demands of founders who wanted to go beyond the traditional international faire model and innovate to bring optimal service to clients and exhibitors in a more intimate setting.
The major reason why our regional expos work, is the market demands quality and numbers do not make the quality. Big trade shows are less and less attractive, except for one or two of them. Our expos are focused and save time to both exhibitors and visitors.

In the US many consumers are shifting to more natural and mineral based cosmetics, is this happening World Wide?
Yes this is a general trend. It's a common marketing claim, but we have to be very careful to qualify a product as completely natural. As far as mineral trend is concerned, it's been here a long time, we could even say, since the invention of make-up. But, again this is a marketing claim. Our shows are more focused on innovation, formula and packaging, but also towards colour trends adapted to the market where the take place. Only if our clients demand it would we hold a natural market expo.

What are the plans of Make- Up directors in terms of growth and expansion World Wide?
Our plans are quite simple to meet customers demand. We want to be where our customers are located and for 2015 is to strengthen and consolidate our existing trade shows, we don't want to grow in terms of numbers of shows but to maintain the unique character and ultra selectivity of our shows.

Lastly, what new plans can we expect from the Make Up New York show for next year?
We are going to focus on make- up demos, classes from experts and to create an always growing emulation around product and innovation for our clients.

Thanks to the ever gracious Sandra Maguarian who happened to fit this interview in between Asia, the South of France and South America.

All beauty professionals should clear there calendars for Sept. where Make -Up New York is scheduled to take place, in the mean time here are the photos from this year's Make-Up New York http://www.makeup-in-newyork.com/en/galleries.

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