Fashion Fix: Was Black Friday Worth It?

Many cynics would say Black Friday Deals are a farce and a way to make you go into debt.

After looking online for the best deals and in between baking and prepping for my holiday party, the critics were so wrong!

The best Black Friday Deals that I happen to get:

1. Macy's:
5 Soft texture turtlenecks in a variety of colors from sky blue, camel, white, gray, and peach all for 9.99 each the quality is amazing.
But, that's not all I got 3 cowl neck sweaters for the cold winter months for 14.99
A head piece of pearls and rhinestones for 6.99
And vegan leather pants for 23.00 take an additional 15 percent off.

So, to brighten up my wardrobe with pops of color and be weather appropriate all this for 100.00.


2. Sephora
Sephora had the best gifts out:
Art of Shaving Kit was 10.00 normally 25.00
Chole Travel Size perfumes were 15.00 for 2 bottles

3. Ulta
Bare Minerals Eye Shadows 5 for 15.00
Tarte 12 days of Christmas was 37.00 for full size products including there amazing oil.
Buy online items for 60.00 and get 19 piece gift set

Sephora and Ulta were great buys to give teens and young adults.

After 5 months without a computer, I bought an HP fully loaded for 439.00 originally 800.00.

So was Black Friday Good to ME? Was it worth it going online and buying the things that I need and gifts for my nieces and nephews for under 200.00 YES!!!

Was it worth me getting my computer instead of going to a library or using a smart phone to write blog posts. Priceless!!

So, now that I have my Winter Wardrobe and gifts it is time to get pampered and primped for the holidays.


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