Getting Ready for the New Year: Nails

Now that Family Holidays are over, and we are looking to party, here is $21.00 that is worth spending.

We went to our local drug store:

1. Revlon's:
Chameleon color is great is glistens it has a great shine to it with gold, bronze, and green overlays. This will compliment any dress or any jumpsuit.

2. Sally Hensen's Double Duty:
This is a great top coat in that it gives a great shine and if you want a great base coat when you are not using a nail pigment, this is a great base coat.

3. Cuticle Trimmer:
If you go to salon's please bring your own cuticle trimmer. This is a great investment, push back cuticle trimmer is great and won't damage your cuticles.

So, this is how we can get into the Spirit of the New Year.

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