The Winning Combination: Rose Hip Oil and Tory Burch Fragrance

We are easing our stress levels this month and scents always, put me in a wonderful state.

We tried Rose Hip Oil from Marilyn Spas, use it just after you have stepped out of the shower massage it into your skin for a good glisten.

The scent will put you pack to sleep. However, just when you are getting ready to put on your clothing the most light floral scent is Tory Burch.

The combination of the Rose Hip Oil and the Rollerball scent of Tory Burch fragrance will have you in a relaxed state for the rest of the day.

Completely amazing in terms the combination and the Rose Hip Oil is great for circulation.

So when you think scents go light and you will always be in a relaxed state.

Cheers to smelling and de-stressing at the same time!

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