Weekly Holiday Detox

Most of us wait for the after the holidays to do the detox and start to eat healthy and get our sanity back.

But after seeing the scale last year go not in the direction that I would want, I figured out a way to detox during the holiday season.

1. Every morning drink 1 cup of  hot lemon water.

2. Exercise every day even if you walk on the treadmill for 30 min. at the gym, do you know that trying to go to certain classes, and get a specific workout regimen in heightens anxiety and raises blood pressure.

3. Drink a green juice every other day or 3x a week.

4. When you do go holiday shopping schedule time to take in the scenery-- the holiday lights in NYC are amazing or if you are going mall shopping-- go to a mall where you can go to dine-in restaurant.

5. Don't go to holiday parties 2 or 3 days in a row.
6. Laugh even at yourself at all times.

Cheers to a wonderful detoxing holiday season!

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