Where to Go to De- Stress this Season

We were fortunate enough to be invited to amazing spa events this past week.

Everyone talks about Holiday Stress, but sometimes you have to actually go some place calming to de stress.

The spa events that we attended were:

Caudalie NYC at The Plaza Hotel:
The premise of Caudalie is all there products are wine based and that the compounds found in red wine are ideal for beauty. So, did our experience constituent a return visit? As soon as you enter the doors of Caudalie, you are greeted  by a wonderful person man or woman with a great smile, and ushered into a large waiting room that is dimly lit and of course they serve 1/8 of a glass of white or red wine. You are then taken away to your spa treatment, which ladies Auggie the Chilean God of Massage will take out every kink in your body, in a warm and gentle way. However, if stressed book an massage with Auggie at Caudalie NYC at the Plaza it will change your life.

Exhale Spa Upper East Side:
Museums, Central Park, intimate cafes, the perfect location for a spa? The spa is actually located in an building that houses private art galleries, and offices. The front desk staff is friendly and willing to accommodate, but the waiting room is where you will find your deepest form or relaxation. The room is almost dark, no music, warm but not hot, and the hot scented neck roll is amazing, I was there for about an hour and it was the most peaceful hour that I experienced in a while. I went for a wax and it was great you must see Di she is amazing and her vibe is just as peaceful and positive as the rest of the spa. If I could pay to sit in the waiting room everyday for an hour just to mentally decompress I would.

Marilyn Monroe Spas
In the midst of Times Square at the Hyatt Hotel four flights up and you will have the best primping and relaxation session in the world. This is truly a gem hidden in busy New York. What you will find is absolutely amazing and extremely professional. First there was a polish change and I noticed that the manicurist used a disposable brush to apply the base and top coat. Then, you choose a color from a variety of vegan colors, then if you need a wash and blow they have the best stylist- My curls lasted 4 days here hands were magic and the products are organic and smelled great. Lastly, there is a massage where they drain the lymphatic system within your face with Rose Hip Oil. When I left Marilyn I truly felt and looked as though I was a movie star. This was my favorite and I highly recommend anyone booking a service at this spa.

So when you need a bit of relaxation those are our choices and thanks to our wonderful hosts for amazing events.

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