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Foodie Friday:Bakery Day

We are not detoxing, especially when fresh Bakery cookies are delivered

Foodie Friday: Dannon Probiotic

We heard from a dermatologist that gut yeast can age you and overactive yeast can cause ulcers, etc.So we were told to try a Probiotic, we picked up Dannon' s Probiotic and it was tasty extremely filling.So did we notice any changes in our skin, but from a person who had terrible acid reflux, I did notice it go away.So that is our Foodie Friday pick of the week, Dannon Probiotic.Next week Fashion and Social Media Week Recap.

Resources for NYC Entreprenuers

Have a great idea? Think I can do what they are doing even better?Here is a comprehensive list of resources for just about everyone. Of course Google for complete information.1. NYC Fashion Fellows
2. NYC Venture Fellows
3. Startup Weekend NYC
4. Kaplan Venture Tech
5. CFDA Fashion Incubator
6. Students First
7. Tech Stars
Digital Heath Startups
Blueprint Health
Angel List
8. Aging 2.0 yes the elderly have great needs as well.
9. Hot Bread KitchenIf you still can't find what you are looking for
Try local colleges and universities in NYC alone NYU Poly, Cornell Tech, Colombia Tech Ventures, GA, All CUNY colleges.Still cant find what you are looking for then start your own at:
National Association of Business Incubators.So, that didn' t work Fortune 500 companies do look for ways to Partner with startups and people who have profitable insights, find the right people with research and send a friendly e mail.Cheers to putting thoughts into action and taking frustration to solve p…

Spring Wish List : Rebecca Minkoff

Spring and Summer are amongst us well in the stores at least.When we were in SoHo we came across some great finds at the Greene St. Rebecca Minkoff store where my favorite is the total Coverage hat, which comes in black and red in additition to natural.Here is how the styled it with a great dress perfect for summer weddings or the Kentucky Derby or the Belmont Preakness.We also love the marble design on the leather bag another great find for spring and summer.Also, if your Man needs a weekend Bag those are great for him as well as they come in black with a white stripe.Cheers to shopping in SoHo and getting started to Spring.

Blue Smoky Eye

Most of you have asked how do you achieve the blue smoky eye.
Primer is a gray/black Clinique has a great chubby stick.
Eyeshadow bright blue for the lid and a gray for the brow line
Liquid eyeliner in black
Black mascara
You have achieved the blue smoky eye.

Foodie Friday: Meat or Veggie Pies with Butternut Squash Soup

Yes, Foodie Friday Returns...

This week was grueling with fashion and beauty shows, but here is my take on meat or veggie pies with Butternut Squash Soup

But, I had leftovers, so what did I do? Instead of fast food on Friday, I made meat pies.

Meat Pie Recipe:
1. Leftover meatloaf
3. Greek or Spanish Olives
4. Caribbean Hot Sauce
5. Pastry Dough--Basic Butter Pastry Dough

In a heated skillet in add the leftover meatloaf with in my case Onion BBQ sauce and olives, and 1 teaspoon of Caribbean Hot Sauce you can get at a local ethnic market. This hot sauce will cut the sweetness of BBQ sauce. Render it down to a meat sauce consistency, turn off the stove top and remove the skillet from the stove top this way it way has time to cool.


Prepare the Basic Pastry Dough:
2 Cups Flour
1 stick of cold butter cubed
a dash of salt
6 cups of ice water
Additional flour for dusting

Add flour and salt and gradually add butter and ice water until it is a pea consistency, cont…

The Day of Small Beginnings-Networking Tips

One day I was at a fashion event and am speaking to a person about growing our "brands," she had only began to blog about six months ago and her philosophy was "GO BIG, or GO HOME," she was only going to pitch to big companies and establishments.

The following are three examples of people who embraced me and taught me a lot while they were starting a new.

1. Treat your customers like they are family:
 Many times when I was in Grad School, I would go to this Italian restaurant and we would talk, his wife would tell me about lean times, as well as the Greek Orata fish that was just flown in overnight for dinner service, we shared in the excitement of them building a brick oven for homemade pizza, etc. Food and service are always the equivalent of a 5 star dining experience.
Fast Forward: So when he Chef Maurizio won CHOPPED on the Food Network, I was so happy, because I remember sharing their struggles and it was so good to see someone who worked so hard for so many year…

How Many Beauty Products Do You Really Need?

Back to beauty, my friend was so excited she came in with a bag full of beauty "supplies" from her a department store.

Her skin is pretty good, she does yoga and she is a vegan, and she is 30 , but what they sold her was absurd.

They sold her:
1. Tinted Moisturizer
2. Foundation
3. Concealer
4. Setting Spray
5. Moisturizer
6. SPF

This is absolutely absurd, unless you are on national television every day, anyone who practices diet exercise and stress management does not need anything more than a concealer and foundation.

Foundation in my case should only be used to for special events, especially when you know you are going to be photographed.

If you do opt for the Tinted Moisturizers, then only buy concealer.

There are great products such as Clinique all in one foundation and concealer, which is amazing it gives me great coverage and I use a moisturizer with SPF every day so I need an additional SPF.

Skincare and skin maintenance is essential to having that great healthy look…

Love Potions for Your Love

It is that time of year, where everyone, everywhere gets all ready for Valentine's Day, which happens to be on a convient Saturday.

This way it does not stir envy in the office when your co-worker is sent 2 dozens roses and a La Perla box to her office from her boyfriend.
Last year I can remember coming home and seeing teenagers walk by with their giant hellium balloons, and single roses.
So, here is what we made in terms of drinks for the Saturday of Love:
Red Velvet: 1 part Casis- which is raspberry liquor 1 part Vodka 1 part Godiva Chocolate liquor
Shaken and poured into a martini glass with chocolate shavings.
Strawberry Swizzle 1 cup strawberry puree (use frozen strawberries) 1 part Patron Tequila Ginger Ale
Blend well and pour over ice in a tall glass.
Elderflower Cocktail 1 part elder flower liquour 1 part blood orange juice 1 part champagne
Blend well.
Serve in a chilled champagne glass
There you have it  three wonderful cocktails to celebrate the love in your life!

Valentine's Day Meal

We are in the midst of a detox and here comes Valentine's Day with decadent chocolates and oysters and champagne.

We created a wonderful Valentine's Meal and incorporated a couple of super foods.

Pomegranate and Blueberry Champagne Fizz
1 part Pomegranate Juice
1 part blueberry puree
1 part blueberry schnapps
Mix well and pour into a champagne glass with champagne

Smoked Grilled Scallop with Avocado Crema and Pickled Radish

Carrots and Sweet Potato with Lentils in a Balsamic and Rosemary Reduction

Lemon Granita

Main Course:
Farfadelle with Truffles and Wild Mushroom Ragu

Crepe with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Coulis

There you have it, a decadent meal with some super foods that any private chef would love to make for the two of you.

Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Love

Ever Google someone who has royally screwed you in the past, just to find out that they are some high level executive, or is married to a dreamy man.
Well, I hate to say this but that is the reason why you haven't found true love.
So long as we have an attachment to the past, whether it is positive or negative, we can never appreciate all the good that is going on in our lives NOW.
Last year was an eye opening year for us, but instead of seeking revenge or going to the competitor with scathing e-mails about people, we made the shift from revenge to empathy. 
Are we going to business with these people again NOPE, Is a co-worker ever going to going out with a douche of guy, no matter how many times he says sorry NOPE.
But, what we have learned that people are in some deep psychosis and they truly believe in whatever they believe, so their actions come across as bizarre.

So how does this prepare our heart for love?
Well if you are harboring any forms of negativity even righteous gloat…

Hosting A Brunch While Detoxing

You looked on the calendar and guess what?? 
It is your turn for you and significant other to host brunch, but you are still drinking lemon water and eating kale salad with vegan green goddess dressing.
What do you do?
Well, mix it up with a healthy and decadent brunch buffet.  Especially if your guests are traveling they don't want to show up and you offer them green tea and salad, when your girlfriends husband loves a good T-Bone.
The buffet should consist of these great items: 1. Assorted bowls of berries  2. Greek yogurt 3. Salad 4. Rolls 5. Made to order eggs and pancakes 6. Breakfast meats you should use Morning Star or substitute turkey for pork sausage.
Your guest will be so happy and you wouldn't have made enemies, especially your girlfriends husband who would complain about it as he pulls into the local diner after your place.
If they notice that you are not indulging in pancakes or eggs, just deflect and say that whenever I cook I always lose my appetite.
Cheers to l…

Beauty Spot: Drugstore Haul

A New Year, New Products and time to clean out our beauty bags!

So, I do try to incorporate as much natural products into my beauty routine as possible, there are times especially when it comes to my hair, that a girl needs a little help.

Last week, looking through my coupons, I noticed buy one hair dye and get a root touch up for free, and 4 dollars off a suite of Loreal new shampoo line, which I found out is for people who use keratin as a straightening agent.

But, we did manage to get the latest Maybeline mascara with a 3 dollar off coupon. So here's our finds:
I would not normally attempt to color my own hair, however the last time I had my hair colored, the majority of the hair color ended up on my neck and not in my hair, and this was at a salon.

How, did the Root Touch Up stand up?

The Root Touch to my surprise came out better than the salon, yes I followed the instructions to the tee and called the Clairol hot line to guide me as well.

Since I don't use Keratin in my h…

Service Review: European Wax Centers

Why we love European Wax Centers?

So, my normal brow person was on vacation and I needed a brow and face wax, I just happened to be around a European Wax Center so I thought I would give it a try.

Your first service is free they do this so you can test out the center. But, why I love them so much is that they are so clean, professional- they were disposable hand gloves and a semi face mask and every person who touches your face has a NYS license.

1. The brow was impeccably done all I had to do was get a brow pencil to get that full brow effect.

2. The sensitive areas hot rubber wax is put on but it forms a rubber mold so it immediately comes off and there is no double dipping or reuse of wax strips, which is totally gross.

3. A cooling lotion is applied and you are on your way.

4. Your second appointment is already scheduled for you and they have a $5.00 coupon off the next service.

5. If you wax a lot then they have a plan that you can buy into for the duration that they are in busin…

Products Your Man and You Will Love

Product Review:

Pearl Souffle 
Shave Cream by Shave Works
This is the best shaving cream that I have ever used! Forget any another brand this brand is normally sold to men with the Anthony Logistics line, however it gets your skin so smooth, my legs are absolutely silky smooth, it is amazing.

Glycolic Facial Cleanser
Anthony Logistics
This is a cream based facial cleanser that is designed for men but I use it, it is paraben free and leave your skin silky and smooth for a long time. I understand when this product is used with the Pearl Souffle how smooth your man's face can feel for a long time.

Clinique Eye Make Up
This product is great, I always wear some form of eye product and this product is wonderful, before I wash my entire face, I take a cotton ball and with two swipes all of my make-up is off, and it does not allow my eye to feel to horrible.

Both products can be found at Sephora or at Lord and Taylor Beauty Department.

RETRACTION: Clinique Make Up is Awesome

OK, We all make mistakes and I am not perfect, as I was updating my make up from last year, this is what I noticed.

 My dilemma:
 I needed eye shadow that could easily come off in an instant.

2. I needed a lip color that was one nude and one lip color that was an evening and day color.

3. I also needed an eyebrow pencil as well.

So, I went to a department store and I was given the smoky eye in blue, which is amazing!

The make up artist used a dark black chubby color as a base and layer the lid with blue and the brow bone with a shimmering eye color.

Nude lipstick every will be where this Spring and Summer. They have an amazing nude lipstick with gold earrings and bright yellow this is a winner by far and it compliments all types of skin tones.

Fill in those brows for a thicker fuller look.

But did this solve my problem for eyemakeup that could come off instantly?

Well when I came home I went to the mirror and with a cotton ball no product, the eye make up came off in a instant!

Of cou…

More Products Lower Prices

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Many complain that there they beauty and spa field is overcrowded. Everyone has a line out and everyone has a spa.

But, I think that the more offerings the lower the prices and I have proof to back it up.

Five years ago, I bought two manicures at an Upper East Side Salon and the price for a basic manicure at that salon was 50.00 per manicure.

Now, because several competitors in the field have shown up offering not only the same manicure but cult like followings, the older or prestige salon was forced to lower there price on the basic manicure to match the competitors.

Of course some of there other prices have on facials have gone up to offset the competitive manicure market.

My point if you love a product or a service and you think it out of reach wait around 6 months and you will be able to afford what you truly love.

Cheers to competition!

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