Beauty Spot: Drugstore Haul

A New Year, New Products and time to clean out our beauty bags!

So, I do try to incorporate as much natural products into my beauty routine as possible, there are times especially when it comes to my hair, that a girl needs a little help.

Last week, looking through my coupons, I noticed buy one hair dye and get a root touch up for free, and 4 dollars off a suite of Loreal new shampoo line, which I found out is for people who use keratin as a straightening agent.

But, we did manage to get the latest Maybeline mascara with a 3 dollar off coupon. So here's our finds:
All of these products would have come up to 48.00 but with our coupons and with our club discounts it came up to 25.00.
I would not normally attempt to color my own hair, however the last time I had my hair colored, the majority of the hair color ended up on my neck and not in my hair, and this was at a salon.

How, did the Root Touch Up stand up?

The Root Touch to my surprise came out better than the salon, yes I followed the instructions to the tee and called the Clairol hot line to guide me as well.

Since I don't use Keratin in my hair the suite of products I bought, I gave away to a happy neighbor.

This next week, as I am prepping for Fashion and Beauty Week, I noticed the trends in black and white clothing and stark white nails, then I also noticed my liquid eyeliner needed to be replaced, and the red lip that everyone is talking about during awards season, I wanted to have a red lipstick as well.

Coupons to the rescue, I got 1.50 off British Red by Loreal Paris, Sally Hansen--White Out Nail Polish in Extreme Hard was 2.99, and I had a 1.00 coupon off Maybeline's Liquid Eyeliner, which comes in violet, green, bronze, navy and black. There was a sale on Nail Polish remover 2 for 4.00. I used my coupons and discount card and the total beauty haul came up to 23.00.
The Loreal British Red is amazing with a matte finish and the White Out nail polish is great.

So Those are our finds and updates to looking our best no matter the price point!


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