Foodie Friday: Meat or Veggie Pies with Butternut Squash Soup

Yes, Foodie Friday Returns...

This week was grueling with fashion and beauty shows, but here is my take on meat or veggie pies with Butternut Squash Soup

But, I had leftovers, so what did I do? Instead of fast food on Friday, I made meat pies.

Meat Pie Recipe:
1. Leftover meatloaf
3. Greek or Spanish Olives
4. Caribbean Hot Sauce
5. Pastry Dough--Basic Butter Pastry Dough

In a heated skillet in add the leftover meatloaf with in my case Onion BBQ sauce and olives, and 1 teaspoon of Caribbean Hot Sauce you can get at a local ethnic market. This hot sauce will cut the sweetness of BBQ sauce. Render it down to a meat sauce consistency, turn off the stove top and remove the skillet from the stove top this way it way has time to cool.


Prepare the Basic Pastry Dough:
2 Cups Flour
1 stick of cold butter cubed
a dash of salt
6 cups of ice water
Additional flour for dusting

Add flour and salt and gradually add butter and ice water until it is a pea consistency, continue to add until it forms into a dough and can shape it into a ball, then on a dusted surface kneed the dough, form it into a ball and wrap it in plastic wrap put in the refrigerator for one hour.


Cut Butternut Squash into cubes, sprinkle with olive oil and spices.
My Spice Blend:
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Coat with olive oil and put into an oven 375 degree oven until tender


Veggie Pies
This is a great way to get the kids in your life to eat their veggies.
Skillet with Olive Oil
Red Peppers
Saute' all veggies until throughly cooked and all the water is out of them.

Use the same recipe for the pastry dough as above instead add:
Fresh thyme to the dough, let it rest for one hour then,

Take out the pastry dough for the meat pies, kneed the dough on a flour surface, cut dough into circles, and take one teaspoon of meat mixture and put it on the disc and press the top disc together. Until all is assembled, put in 375 degree oven till dough is cooked.
Repeat the same for veggie pies.

After squash is tender take that out and scoop out the flesh, and place it a blender with almond milk, and blend into a smooth consistency.

Serve soup hot with a meat or veggie pie.

Cheers to great eating while still detoxing!

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