Hosting A Brunch While Detoxing

You looked on the calendar and guess what?? 

It is your turn for you and significant other to host brunch, but you are still drinking lemon water and eating kale salad with vegan green goddess dressing.

What do you do?

Well, mix it up with a healthy and decadent brunch buffet. 
Especially if your guests are traveling they don't want to show up and you offer them green tea and salad, when your girlfriends husband loves a good T-Bone.

The buffet should consist of these great items:
1. Assorted bowls of berries 
2. Greek yogurt
3. Salad
4. Rolls
5. Made to order eggs and pancakes
6. Breakfast meats you should use Morning Star or substitute turkey for pork sausage.

Your guest will be so happy and you wouldn't have made enemies, especially your girlfriends husband who would complain about it as he pulls into the local diner after your place.

If they notice that you are not indulging in pancakes or eggs, just deflect and say that whenever I cook I always lose my appetite.

Cheers to losing weight and keeping friends!


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