Love Potions for Your Love

It is that time of year, where everyone, everywhere gets all ready for Valentine's Day, which happens to be on a convient Saturday.

This way it does not stir envy in the office when your co-worker is sent 2 dozens roses and a La Perla box to her office from her boyfriend.

Last year I can remember coming home and seeing teenagers walk by with their giant hellium balloons, and single roses.

So, here is what we made in terms of drinks for the Saturday of Love:

Red Velvet:
1 part Casis- which is raspberry liquor
1 part Vodka
1 part Godiva Chocolate liquor

Shaken and poured into a martini glass with chocolate shavings.

Strawberry Swizzle
1 cup strawberry puree (use frozen strawberries)
1 part Patron Tequila
Ginger Ale

Blend well and pour over ice in a tall glass.

Elderflower Cocktail
1 part elder flower liquour
1 part blood orange juice
1 part champagne

Blend well.

Serve in a chilled champagne glass

There you have it  three wonderful cocktails to celebrate the love in your life!


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